Getting a faster 200m

Ok i can run 10.5’s and 10.6’s consistantly. Now i see runners of the same speed as me in the 100m go 21.3 and 20.##, but me on the other hand can only go 21.6#. I have out door nationals in two weeks so i cant bet on not getting any faster for that. But im going to start my summer workouts a week after that back in my home town, --so im asking what kind of works outs will benifit me the most?

Once acceleration is in place you want to be looking at speed endurance and special endurance. I suggest you look at the Van’04 DVD as it has everything you want in it.

Examples of Speed endurance are 2x150 with 30min recovery.

thank u very much.

Also try searching the website for Speed Endurance and Special Endurance.

I have, and i’ve found out some interesting facts. Thanks for the comment.

hey wat would be a example of special endurance workout?