Gerard Mach

I know that this has been a subject in the past, but since I am relatively new to the forum, does anyone know the exact title of Gerard Mach’s book, and if it is still available in either hard copy or e-book?

Thank you ahead of time.

Sprints and Hurdles
By Gerard Mach
Canadian Track and Field Association, 1980

It is very similar to Charlie’s philosophy but without the differentiation in intensity split idea.

And i don’t know where you can get a copy.



Number 2 had a number of copies but I think he’s out. You might try Athletics Canada to see if they have any.

Many thanks to Charlie and TC. I will attempt Athletics Canada to see about Gerard Mach’s book.

Actually it is my understanding the AC still has alot of “their” material that came out in the 80’s. I believe you can sign it out.