General Training

IN my situation, yes it was. Hurt in march, couldnt sprint again until the 3rd week of may. wasnt lifting heavy during the injury period. 4th week of may, first meet back and 3rd meet of the season. So I had meets every weekend from last week of may until june 24. Ofcourse I couldnt get back hard on the weights because of soreness. Between meet practices consisted of me trying to get some speed back, and work blocks. ALso had to ramp up tempo to try and drop the weight I had gained during injury time. I felt weak as shit post injury. Also was cautious a feww weeks after injury at practice. I couldve missed a few meets to train, but that wouldve just ended my season meet wise. SO in my case, Making gains after the injury with one month of meets left, was impossible.

If that’s the case you should have packed it in and started prep work for upcoming season. That’s exactly what happen to Evan years ago and ever since he haven’t looked back…

Trust me the thought had crossed my mind many times, but all the work I had put in from august till march, I said screw it. Im not getting paid to run,I had fun at the meets. I do hate training for the sake of training, so running two eets the entire year wasnt in the cards. ILl be right for next season.

Well, post what changes you plan on making this season.

loose more weight and not get hurt. lol

But I actually had a great gpp and spp this season. I was ahead time wise at practice where I was the last few seasons before. I missed some training in december and jan dealing with a family issue. WHich kept me out of the weight room during a strength phase I had planned.

SO Im gonna follow closely what I did last season, but the major changes will be more weight loss, strength gains lifting wise, and more therapy. Found a guy because of the injury which ill be seeing often to keep injuries at bay

I wasn’t around - could you layout the general weekly setups for your gpp/spp last year.

3rd post. links to workout calender

I’m looking at the first calendar - looks like 3 speed and 3 tempo? I have had good success when adding longer runs into CF gpp it really balances out the short speed work and allows the athlete more volume to work on tech. Be careful with all those mb hops and accel…

Mon: hills
Tue: Easy tempo (this would be a good day to hit gs circuits/mb)
Wed: Control speed work 4x200>5x200>6x200> 300-300-250-200-200 rest 4-8mins
Thur: Rest, pool work an/or circuits/mb
Fri: hills
Sat: hard tempo 10x200 or 8x300 etc

2nd month, No need for all those running a’s they could cause issues if you dont get tons of therapy etc. I would also back off all those 30’s 8x30 plus 60’s is too much. Tempo volume could be too much but i def would add some longer runs into the program…

FYI - you are in FL take advantage of the nice weather and hit those longer runs. Could be somewhat similar to Derek’s 10 day taper graphs…

3rd similar to before…

4th, what does the max strength weights look like? My biggest advice to you - mod charlie’s program to fit the flordia weather… You don’t need all those split runs - take advantage and hit some longer sprints…

For example in gpp you could have 2 hills/1 control speed day. In spp the control speed day could turn into split runs for several week before getting into 200-180-150 with 30m int limit. If you look at Derek graphs he’s doing strength endurance work with the long hills then special endurance follow by SE…

You are training as if you are in Wisconsin, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE WARM WEATHER… No need to focus on indoor put all your eggs into outdoor = spend alot of time early on working on acceleration at least 12 weeks.

Sounds good, ill incorporate. I plan to stay on grass/turf much longer this season also.

If you remember Charlie didn’t have an issue with longer runs in spp. They won’t be fast like they would be in June and you would always use a 10-30m int limit.

The long days could progress several different ways:

1: Control speed work>split runs>SE
2: Long hills or long sled pulls (empty sled)>special end>SE
3: Control speed>SE

RB34, what graphs are you referring to?

THe reason for all that speed was that I had planned on hitting indoor meets from december to Jan. THing came up and it didnt happen. But ill add your changes.

The workouts that came with Derek’s 10 day taper dvd.

Doesn’t matter, no one cares about indoor. Look what the Jamaicans do - make your bread outdoors. You can still run indoors but i wouldn’t change your whole plan for it.

Had no idea there were meant to be graphs with it!

2 seasons worth of workouts 2005-2006 2006-2007 annual workouts…

Neither did I, just wanted to hit some since I hadnt in years. But the Jamaican way is one of the reasons ill be on grass much more next season.

Do you have an issue with all my general work over 6-7 months.