General Training

Spent most of the morning trying to get all my training information on one flashdrive. I have 12 different flashdrives with all my past training programs and notes etc. I’ll spend the next month or so going over all my past training programs and notes before deciding on what to do…

Past Exp: Last competitive season - summer 2010. Been inactive since August 2013. Only have 2yrs of outdoor track exp the rest is indoors only.
Best indoor time 55m: 6.48. Best outdoor time Spring 09: 11.04 (-3.1 headwind) - Summer 09: 10.67
Age: OLD

Goals throughout this Pre Gpp:
1: Have fun
2: Develop work capacity
3: Mobility
4: Develop base strength levels
5: Increase lean body mass

Block 1: 4 weeks
Warmup: 4 exercises for 30sec for a total of 4 rounds
Mobility drills
Workout: 2 mile run course - 30sec jog/60sec walk

Warmup: 4 exercises for 30sec for a total of 4 rounds
Mobility drills
BW Workout 3 sets of 10-12 reps

Block 2: 4 weeks
Track warmup
Ext tempo on grass starting at 600 working to up 1000
General strength circuits or Mb circuits

Track warmup
BW Workout 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps
MB tempo starting at 400 working up to 1000.

Block 3: 4 weeks
Mon-Wed-Fri: Barbell and Db weight circuits (Last 2 weeks could be my lactic program). Track work: Ext warmup with buildups
Tue-Thur-Sat: Ext tempo and abs

Block 4: 4-8 weeks
Mon-Wed-Fri: Traditional strength training with sets of 10’s. Track work: Buildups 60’s, 400’s the easy way, Tempo 100’s

Tue-Thur-Sat: Basic stuff for general fitness - Gs circuits, BB circuits, Jump circuits, Mb circuits etc etc

Block 5: 4-8 weeks

Mon-Wed-Fri: Traditional strength training with sets of 6’s. Track work: 60’s submax, EFEF submax, 30’s hill work submax

Tue-Thur-Sat(optional): Basic stuff for general fitness - Ext tempo, Gs circuits, BB circuits, Jump circuits, Mb circuits etc etc

I’ll start more traditional track training in the spring of 17.

Just some ideas I been thinking about…

welcome back

Back in 2013, I paid someone to put together a nutrition plan for me and it worked really well. My waist dropped from a 38-39 to 31-32 in 4-6 weeks. It won’t take long at all, the key will be plenty of hands on therapy in the early stages…

what did the nutrition plan consist of?

Nothing really just good clean eating… It was easy enough to follow that my whole fam did it with me.

what was the cost

$75… Seems like you have the diet in place but maybe you should give it some thought and hire someone for 8-12weeks to design your training programs.

ill give it some thought. TO lose weight i generally just lay of the meat and eat more greens and fruits.

I ate tons of meats/proteins and good carbs… My fav was the grilled buffalo…

never tried buffalo. Ill do meat maybe once a day. I feel lighter and more energized when I dont eat as much meat. I eat fish and seafood all the damn time.

ALso Check out Beast Burger. Its plant protein

When are you starting gpp?

either august or September. But It will probably be short as ill probably still be in shape. Gonna keep doing fast stuff in moderation until then

I don’t think that would be smart… That’s the problem with athletes who try to follow Charlie’s programs they all think they are high level athlete’s - very similar to the OP thread. With your times you would be better off performing a long gpp regardless of fitness levels. The year I ran 10.5-10.6 I took 2-3 weeks off then started a long CF 8 week gpp. If you were running sub 10’s maybe the program would be different.

Think about it this way, your times are in the range of middle/high school girl times. They had girls at the Boston games 2 weeks ago running 11.4-11.6. That should tell you where your starting point should be this fall…

The Beast Burger is good stuff. Had a couple over the weekend.

In my personal experience, a plant based diets is great for getting/staying lean and for maintaining high energy levels.

Well stated RB34

LOL girl times huh. Yea its funny, I had a few 11.3 sprinters this year on the hs team i was coaching. I blew them up in feb this year. I opened up this year at 11.4 with auto timing. THis was with a runner in the lane next to me flinching, then catching a flyer and me in the blocks waiting for it to get called back. The year before that that same meet I opened up with a 11.8. In the past I would open my season with 11.3-11.4 and drop to 10.7 by may. So the beginning of this season was promising. THe calf injury in march which kept me out of practice plus meets and a strength phase pretty much ended my season. ONce I was able to run again it was meet each weekend. It damn near impossible to make gains with a meet each weekend, especially after a almost 2 month lay off.

Now your right, I did do a long gpp at the beginning of this season, which is why I felt much faster and stronger at the start of the season. Most likely ill repeat that gpp again this time.

I don’t understand your post, did you say it’s damn near impossible to make gains with a meet each weekend?