Gay Edges Powell In 100

Remember that he had surgery in september last year, so his options vis-a-vis high intensity work were limited this winter anyhow.
After his 400m pb Tyson was quoted as saying that this was his first run on spikes. Not long after that he did the race in Manchester going full blast. So he might have gone from something like 10.2 on shoes in training (if that) to racing sub 9.9 in just a couple of weeks. A more gradual approach might have been warranted.

I agree with this, the forces at sub max speed vary compared to race pace therefore adaptations to speed need to be in place before racing.

Yeah, 6th August in around 25 days time.

Paris (FRA) Friday
Monaco (MON) 22.07.2010
Stockholm (SWE) 06.08.2010
London (GBR) 13.08.2010
Zurich (SUI) 19.08.2010
Brussels (BEL) 27.08.2010

For all the people in the UK, The Paris meet is live on BBC 3 at 7pm this Friday 16th July.

Usually its Eurosport that screens it but I don’t think that is the case this year.

Most people think the reason he got injured in the first place was possibly due to the long to short tempo based program.

Injuries happen in all programs but his seems to be chronic and related. I don’t remember hearing that he was injured until he started blasting low/sub9.8’s.

I can see two reasons for injuries. 1 is the overload and recovery isn’t balanced. 2 as boldwarrior says the opposing muscles. are his mechanics right.

Insufficient warm-ups, Muscle tightness/flexibility issues, Dietary/supplementary issues could be other reasons.

Or as most people think, running to slow in practice and then blasting it in competition.

“My theory was simple: Sprinters needed to train at race pace, both to imprint the higher speeds on their muscle memory and to acclimatize their muscles and tendons to the demands of racing.” -Charlie in Speed Trap

how would one go about training slowly and transferring that to racing fast?

i’ve heard of this, but never heard how it works.

Norm Osborne from memory ““start with 600m, work down to 60m, intensity up distance down””. I also remember him saying it sounds easier than it is.

I thought I remembered reading where Charlie said the same thing.

There was an old thread that detailed some of Lance Brauman’s training. It had samples of running workouts and weights workouts for Wallace Spearmon and Tyson Gay. It was mainly Intensive Tempo/Controlled Speed Work and thousands of meters of it if memory serves me correct. I don’t think the thread can be found now but I am sure someone on here has saved it.

I was told Clyde Hart’s training was an example as well.

There is an audio interview with LB on the UK coaching site that is fairly recent-maybe last fall/early winter.

In a few days, though, you will only be able to access if you are in the UK-I think in a weeks time so hurry if you want to check it out.

This can only partly explain the issue. How come his other hammie isn’t complaining about the ‘incorrect’ training speeds?

Whatever the reason or number of reasons why he is continually injured, it would not necessarily affect both hams in the same fashion-maybe one received a greater portion of the stress due to technical or preparation issues. Perhaps he favors one over the other inadvertently or his recent groin surgery contributed to imbalances beyond what he could perform safely with.