Shock: Marion dumped

By ERIC BAILEY World Sports Writer
Published: 7/21/2011 2:23 PM
Last Modified: 7/21/2011 6:40 PM

Marion Jones, perhaps the Tulsa Shock’s most recognized player during its two-year history, was released from the team Thursday.

The 35-year-old reserve guard was waived to make room on the 11-player roster for former Oklahoma standout Abi Olajuwon.

Jones appeared in 47 games during the past two seasons, but only averaged 8.6 minutes per contest. Her playing time was limited even more this season, and she was only averaging 0.7 points and 0.4 rebounds a game.

“I want to thank the Tulsa Shock, Coach (Nolan) Richardson, the WNBA and my tremendous teammates for providing me the opportunity to fulfill a dream, and a platform to demonstrate to people, especially our youth, that if you have faith, life is full of second chances,” Jones said in a statement. “I love the game and welcome another opportunity to contribute to women’s professional basketball.”

Jones made news in March 2010 when she signed a free agent contact with the Shock. The former track star was stripped of five medals won during the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. She also served a six-month prison sentence in 2008 for lying to federal prosecutors.

On the basketball court, the former North Carolina star never made an impact. She didn’t top 14 points in a game, but a late-season surge in 2010 seemed to impress former coach Nolan Richardson. Richardson signed Jones to a multi-year contract last February.

Jones’ roster spot has been taken by Olajuwon, who played at OU from 2006 to 2010. The daughter of former Houston Rockets star Hakeem Olajuwon, she averaged 10.6 points and 7.3 rebounds a game in her senior season when the Sooners advanced to the Final Four.

“We need more size and I think that’s what she brings — defense and rebounding ability that we are currently lacking,” Shock interim coach Teresa Edwards said.

Olajuwon was a third-round pick by Chicago in the 2010 WNBA Draft and averaged five minutes a game in six appearances for the Sky that season.

Olajuwon played for the Indiana Fever for one exhibition game this season. She is expected to make her debut Tuesday against the visiting Atlanta Dream, which also features former Sooners star Courtney Paris.
By ERIC BAILEY World Sports Writer

Why is it a shock?

It’s a play on words Chris. The team’s name is Shock. The team dumped Marion: thereby Shock: Marion dumped.

lol. oh never noticed. well you see how much i follow women bball

Marion should take up the 400m hurdles, even at 35 , I would have my money on her beating Jana and most of the top 400 hurdlers.

Marion cannot return to track until she repays all the prizemoney etc she owes from the seasons she has admitted using the gear to win it. Don’t know how much that is but it is an enormous amount.

KK, good point, but I doubt Ben, Tim, or the long list of athletes who have tested positive in T & F would have paid back any monies won, it would be difficult to calculate and legally a nightmare. Marion paid a big price for her actions, even though I still don’t believe her, if she wanted to return, she should have the right too.

The iaaf confirmed her period of suspension has ended but said no way can she return unless she repays what she “stole”. In any case they are unaware of any intention by her to return to the sport. If she announced thats what she wanted to do I’m not sure how it would be received. These matters are usually mediated by lawyers and I suspect Marion cannot afford one these days. Still, she could be picked up by another WNBA team. She had signed for two more years at the Shock but when the coach got flicked, she did too.

I doubt another WNBA team would pick her up, I think the Shock signing was a big PR /marketing ploy, and given the bleak IAAF stance, maybe she should try WWE wrestling or cage fighting !

lol. or hopefully she has a degree in something and she can get a JOB

Yeah she has a degree in media: maybe she can work for the News of the World. Oops, they shut that down didn’t they…

lol damn media, she wouldve been right there with ato if she hadnt been such a liar and hung with those real criminals (tim and riddick)

Uhhh, guys, she is a WOMAN, and still a pretty one at that, so she never really has to worry about making money in the way that a man would to take care of herself. She’s currently married, and if that should go south, I’m sure there is another guy who would like to date her and take care of her even for novelty of her being a former celebrity alone.