Gatorade in Soccer?

Does anyone believe in post workout carbs such as using gatorade…?

Gatorade is designed to be consumed DURING the training. There is one brand that also includes Amino Acids in their drinks and the mixture is very well designed to be drink during the practice. I guess it is called Accelerade, try google.

For postworkout more carb & proteins should be consumed. Check what Lyle McDonald recomends in The Protein Book.

I wouldnt say that Gatorade is bad to consume after a soccer match, or even training. you need high glycemic CHO’s after training to stimulate a higher blood glucose level to increase the secretion of insulin which in turn increases the uptake of glucose by the muscles therefore replenishing glycogen stores in the muscles. it is interesting that there is an exercise-induced increase in glycogen synthase that is the enzyme responsible for gylcogen synthesis immediately after a workout. so i dont think gatorade is a bad thing, however like duxx said a CHO and protein mix is the best as some amino acids like leucine & phenylalanine stimulate even more insulin secretion.

While I agree Gatorade is better than nothing for the reason stated above (glycogen replenishment) and a CHO and protein mix is better I think there may be far better “stuff” post workout instead of gatorade which main CHO is high fructose corn syrup. I would prefer dextrose or another type of fast acting Carbohydrate. The drink by ABB called “Carboforce” seems to work well for me. Half of that and a scoop of protein seems to bring me back to earth after tough workouts or between events. I have also sipped this during workouts.
Cabroforce ingredients…

i checked out the ingredients, i like it, good idea with the added scoop of protein. it has more electrolytes, and more glucose polymers. how is the taste & thickness (osmolarity)? the thing with gatorade is that it is such a big name people automatically think its better!!

its tough to get hold of a bottle but PureSport is a good one check it out here

has a mixture of CHO and EAA