Veronica Campbell Brown 10.78WL

Shelly Ann Fraser didn’t have her normal bullet start and was caught quickly.

Wind +0.8m/s

  1. Veronica CAMPBELL-BROWN (JAM) 10.78 WL,MR 0.154
  2. Shelly-Ann FRASER (JAM) 10.82 SB 0.186
  3. Carmelita JETER (USA) 10.83 SB 0.133
  4. Lashauntea MOORE (USA) 10.99 0.141
  5. Blessing OKAGBARE (NGR) 11.03 PB 0.151
  6. Sherone SIMPSON (JAM) 11.14 0.157
  7. Tahesia HARRIGAN (IVB) 11.16 =SB 0.142
  8. Chandra STURRUP (BAH) 11.19 0.152

Was quite exiting and I felt lived up to expectations. VCB’s formed look bad towards the end, looked like alot of low back arch and forward lean and was still able to run a PB.

Who is her new coach this year?

Looks like Anthony Carpenter.

Changing coaches after a number of successful years often leads to disappointment. Tony Carpenter is definitely doing something right.

I’d like to know what, but there doesn’t seem to be any info out there.

You know what he’s doing? :wink:

Some info here:

I don’t know if it qualifies as short to long or not as Carpenter’s talking about maintaining 200m strength, but there seems to have been a lot of attention paid to her start early in the season…and that seems to be a more and more common theme around the world right now.

Already been posted in this thread.

@ Rainy,

You could also put it this way… A lot of folks felt that SAF needed her bullet start to run fast. 10.82 without the bullet start is pretty good. You can see she’s working on something, just like Asafa.

I have to be honest and say I am looking forward to the rest of the season for the women’s 100. The men are driving me nuts with their injuries. I hope we see a lady run in the 10.50s this season.

Keep hoping, 10.5 won’t happen.

If we are talking 10.5x, Kerron Stewart has the tools no?
She along with SAF and Jeter of course is capable of running 10.6x.
But i don’t think that is going to happen (at least not this year).

Lol I love predictions no one knows what these girls are going to run unless you are training them and then things obviously need to fall into place. I am not sure we can say these girls can run 10.6 this year and not 10.5 the difference could simply be a little bit of extra wind. I mean who thought last year we would see Carmelita Jeter run 10.6+ twice completing bypassing the 70’s. Its a shame about the boys but less face it they ar emoving into uncharted waters and no one yet really knows what kind of demands these speeds place on the body…or maybe we are finding out.