Fun GPP workout.

This was a fun GPP workout that I did today:

Single leg squat (20 each leg)
Toe touchers (25)
Incline pushups on chair (15)
Back hypers (20)
Lunges up a very steep hill (25)
V-sits (20)
Lunge good mornings up the same hill (25)
Reverse hypers (10)
Med ball twists (40, counting each side as 1 rep)
V-sits (15)
Decline pushups (10)
Star jumps, not very explosively (10)
Leg toss (15)
2*walking A’s up the hill
Crunches (20)
Incline, then decline pushups (10)
Floppy fish (40)
Luges up the hill (25)

These were done continuously with a jog when I had to move around the field. It was a fairly cardiovascular circuit and I really liked it.