Front squats vs back squats for athletes

Maybe. It seems to make more sense for other sports. I have thought it for awhile but I have never tried this (dropping squat or something similar) until recently.

I am almost positive I was faster when I never really pushed weights, just conservative with it.

What are your thoughts?

That is another Great thing I learned over the past 11 years from this website (besides putting a great sprint program in place from the Jump)…IS…What to IGNORE!
For longer legged males…the 1/2 squat won’t work…fine…1/4 squats or something else will work…no problem. No good SPRINT coach is going to change their successful programs just because. They will look like fools changing all the time b/c of all the research coming out.

CF- If you agree with me that power on the track leads to the rest of the strength expression, the way it is expressed can be different but the capacity relative to body weight may not be so different.

Gotta go. More later…

Not sure I would drop sq/bp for long periods of time unless the athlete had injuries/mobility issues… I found reducing the volume 2-3x1-2 at about 70-75% is enough to allow the body to recover while sprinting fast… What’s your def of pushing the weights vs conservative?

I am still doing power clean, bench, and either jump squat or stepup occasionally. I will probably try the trapbar dl in a month or so.

By conservative I was very ho hum about weights, not worrying about if I missed a weight session, not ever going to failure. Not that different that CF advised really.

Here is another alternative to back squatting I have used successfully and since it’s more quad dominant I pair it with something like RDL or GH raise. I have found it tough especially getting full depth. About 55kg added to the belt is tough for me around 8 reps.

Highly valuable. Thanks!

trevor, I like the look of those. I think I might try one. my crappy upper back has always held me back with squats. if I squat heavy my back curves and sends tension down my hamstrings for many days after. it’s never worth it…

Hornblower, one thing I did have to do was search for a decent weight/dip belt. I stand on two 20" boxes and angle them into a V shape.