frog jumps W/ bounce

When doing frog jumps down the track is it bad to “bounce” right back up at the bottom of the movement? I was told to bounce when I learned them and never had a problem, however it would seem to me if it is bad to “bounce” out of the bottom of a squat then it might be bad to bounce at the bottom of a frog jump. I recently taught an athlete to frog with the bounce. She did them for 2 months with no problems she than went away on vacation and had no one to tell her stop and “over did it” (her words) with the frogs. That of course is not the only thing that she did during that session that was different then normal she also used machines instead of free weights cause that is what the hotel had. She is now complaining of lower back pain. It has only been two days and I think she will be fine and I realize the back pain could be from using the machines (leg press) with poor form but is it also possible the lower back pain is from doing too many frogs? And is continuing to do frog jumps with a bounce out of the bottom a bad idea?

Yes it is possible that the back pain is from the frog jumps or the leg press. Hard to tell really. This is a sprinter? What is the value in frog jumps?

When I did them I was told they were good for building power for the blocks. At that point I did not have the greatest coach so this could be wrong. However my main concern is that of safety. I am still wondering if bouncing in the bottom of a deep jump is dangerous. I think that all would agree that bouncing in the bottom of a squat is a bad idea. What I would really like to know is since we are jumping not squatting and seeking the stretch shorting reflex is it all right to bounce from the bottom of a deep squat position. I respect and will take what you said of this not being the most sprint specific plyo into consideration, however I would like to know if doing the frogs, is even a safe idea. They seemed to be a good general strength builder when I did them and she really likes doing them, but if this is a dangerous practice I would like to know so I can stop it.

hi there , i have been told about frog marching by a number of old school coaches i was not accepting the role, but after many years of heraing this thing and then breaking it down to what it gives i totally agree, my caoch who jumped to 7.67 back in 1968 with absolutley village standard facilities swore by them he did laps and laps of them and he said the key thing was the develppment of the foot muscles just below the ankle he is 60 yaers old now and still hasa phenomenla hypertropy in this part of the foot and is key to devopling the thrust and power of the baord in long jumping. im not saying you should follow suit training is what facilities you have and what you can do, he made up for the lack of weights and machines etc and built his power that way but ther is a role for it

What exactly is frog marching?