Francis/king tapes

Don’t know if it is the correct section…but reading The Classics, I saw a post talking about the old tapes of a seminar done by Charlie and Ian King…I remember something about them…maybe there was also a practical part…any opportunity to convert them in DVD and sell it here??

Perhaps Ian still sells them.

Not available there…I suspect it was great…

and it was pretty awesome. They did the two together. They did Higher, Faster, Stronger in April 02, and Secrets of Speed in September 02. I believe the one was taped in April. You could always e-mail him at KSI and he might be able to sell you a copy. It’s worth a try.

Thanks you, I’ d definetely try.

let me know if you can get a copy

because Ian talks about how to implement speed into a team climate. He worked with some big rugby clubs and he has unique insights. Charlie needs no promotion from me. Two contrasting teaching styles but great in the context that they do things differently, but similar if that makes sense. Hope u can get a copy.