forward shoulder rotation


I have noticed that in OZ that many sprinters seem to be racing with their shoulders rotated forward either by coaching or lifestyle habits i am not sure

BUT what effect does this have on the proper rotation of the shoulders and hips around the centerline???

and also ‘does/would’ it cause a slowing of the arm action and therefore an increase in foot contact time compared to if the the shoulders were straight.


Charlie has posted on this before…

Matt appears to be shoving out the back once upright, prolonging ground contact and, thus, slowing frequency. Also note that his shoulders are rotated forward (Iknow this is the fashion in some circles). This prevents the proper rotation of the shoulders and, thus, the hips about the centerline, and causes the arms to drive too far back, due to the loss of the natural elastic rebound/return effect that would occur if the shoulders were straight. The effect (moving the CG backand increasing arm effort) is to cause Matt to lose ground exactly where he should be increasing his early lead on the field. I havn’t seen a lot of film on Matt, but what I have seen has shown this pattern. Straightening the shoulders is really quite a simple fix, and I’m sure it would yield immediate results.

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It’s also really hard to stabilise the shoulder joint when not sitting properly. Meaning, the more weight you lift with improper posture, the greater chance of problems down the road.

Plus it just doesn’t look good. Shoulder blades back and down baby.


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