Form Critique - What Should I Work On?

You can worry about you.

How is asking for video analysis from more experienced people a bad question? No one is beating the shit out of me, I appreciate all the replies.
I’ve lived in this town for 30 years, there are some good grass hills but the incline are too steep. Anything with a low enough incline is either <15m or inconsistent (wavy)

RB, I’ve never tried a single leg triple jump, I can’t imagine I’m anywhere near 3x broad jump though. I’ll find out.

Pioneer, I don’t know what you meant by “… and not enough of strides are you landing with your knees more ahead of your feet”. Guessing there’s a typo in there and you meant the same thing RB said about reach with my foot during accelerations.

I’m going on vacation the next two weeks, hopefully can continue some meaningful training during quarantine after. Thanks for the help guys.

Oh boy. Let’s take this up after you get back.
CF covers most of your issues in his videos without pointing out all the things you can’t do right yet.
It’s a natural smooth way to go about it.
Pioneer means well. Maybe he needs a reminder, but he means well. I’ve learned a ton from him.

I’m not sure what in the hell that other response was all about-glad you, Vision1- can see my intention was to provide feedback and not beating someone up (ridiculous reaction) even if it did not fit with the OP’s ideal of that. You certainly don’t want to try to correct numerous issues at once but I don’t post that often on here anymore so I suggested a few more things than I would if we were having a regular, ongoing conversation. If you are using a block or 3 or 4 pt. start the spacing has a large impact on the starting/set position and that’s going to affect your start and your accel. I’m guessing your front foot is closer than 2 steps in? I’d suggest moving it back to at least 2 steps.

Vision1, It was just another way of describing that it appears you are casting your lower leg open and it’s causing you come to more vertical shin positions earlier than necessary. Mann said at least a block start (3 point would likely not be too different) is roughly 50% horizontal and 50% vertical forces and each step after that becomes more vertical and less horizontal though you want to avoid making that transition too rapid. I’ve seen even some mid 10 guys cast out/open prematurely and keeps their acceleration phase from being as smooth as it should be and limits the velocity they can hit in various segments of any sprint and ultimately at the top end. So that’s just a cue about keeping your knees ahead of your feet for a longer period of time during the start/accel. so it’s a slightly more gradual process.

What is your problem? He’s not a child, not sure how you think I beat him up, berated him?

No problem, man. Poor choice of words from me. Baseball Dug-out talk.

I suggest he takes Speed Trap with him. Always a good re-read.

Thanks everyone, no need to get heated. I understand both of your perspectives, you probably see the same issues and just suggest going about solving them differently (drills vs. active thought).

Pioneer, I watched some 3pt instruction on youtube from a coach teaching the 40y for combines. He showed the lead foot only 1 foot distance away from the start line. That seems awfully close, I’m about 16" back and it still feels too close. I’m going to go back to falling and pushup starts for now but when I try 3pt again, I’ll move my feet back a bit.

Those guys are stupid… Back in my college days they use to teach us to get right on the line because it was less sprinting distance - SMH!!!.. Two shoe lengths sounds about right. Can’t find the video right now but I heard chris korfist speaking on having a slightly wider stance kinda how some of the new starting blocks are built - suppose to help with acceleration etc.

Yeah, an over the top, unwarranted response just because the feedback was not in keeping with OP’s ideal model.

Over the years, 2 steps to the front foot or front pedal of the blocks as a minimum should be used-in my opinion. Charlie said it’s 2 steps to the front pedal and 3 to the back pedal based upon the general principle that one’s foot length is roughly half the length of their shin and this is a good starting point-figuratively speaking. He recommended that as a general guideline not something to be strictly adhered to but it does work for many. I’ve got a kid right now 6’2" with relatively long lower legs who wears size 11.5 so he has to take two steps plus the width of 4-5 fingers and it puts his front leg in very good position. Another kid (about 5’8"/9") is about the same (two feet plus 3-4 fingers width) and has improved his 60m by almost .5 in two years which is more than anyone I’ve ever worked with which is not say that’s the only reason for his improvement, of course.

Yes, try closer to 2 feet from the line to your front foot and you will already be able to get your front knee more in advance of your front foot.

Over the last 5 years I’ve found many who should go two feet plus 1-5 fingers width additional space and with that have come more consistent and better absolute starts.

Push-up (which for Charlie are not the same as prone starts), falling (Charlie’s version were high starts), prone starts (in which you push yourselves up from a prone position).

Not the video I saw but similar.

How much would Sydney Mclaughlin improve if she just did the same as what these 40yard time gurus? lmao They would screw things up for her in less time than it takes to run a 40y.

She starts well back and still has a problem imo getting crowded for the first two hurdles.

For someone who has not been doing speed workouts you look pretty good.
If you were looser in the hips ( and looser in general) and a bit stronger with more speed work behind you, the difference would be notable.

I’d like to see you doing a crouched start and also a few starts laying on your stomach to scramble up and run over 10 or 20 meters. Have you done this type of start before?

And I don’t mean you are weak but sprinting builds specific strength and some of it you acquire over time having done more training over time. It’s not about lifting more or heavier which can make things more difficult to perform speed workouts.

Hi Angela,

Do you mean that you’d like me to take a video with those starts or would you like to see me integrating them into my training? I have done starts from my stomach (which I always called pushup starts but I guess those are different). I’m not sure what you mean by crouching start though, standard 2-point start?

Flexibility is definitely a restriction for me, I’ve been especially trying to loosen my hamstrings. Tightness is very noticeable doing B skips.

If you train alone all the time it’s difficult to see what is going on.

I’ve also said this before that judgment of self is difficult. How does one effectively coach oneself? It took me years to train without Charlie watching each move of my workout and if and when I did train proactive decisions were built into the training to avoid difficulties.

Pushup starts as shown in GPP with Lindsay at the end of the video are a bit different than clap starts. And yes, I would like to see you perform 2 or 3 runs from you laying on your stomach and scrambling to 10 and 20 meters. Why not?

And if you are not familiar with a crouch start which is not a 3 point start, it would be good to see that too. It will allow me and others to see things from the beginning. Crouch starts take adjustment but learning how to perform them are useful as it’s an efficient way to repeat reps without full, block starts.

My quarantine is almost over and I’m excited to get back into training. I’ll get a video up of those starts when I get a chance.

Angela, I’m guessing you train or have a history of training out of Toronto? I’m in Oakville, do you know of any good hills in my area? I think I’ve found a good one in Mississauga but it’s a bit far from my gym to do before weights.

In regards to the issue of my knees collapsing on impact, would straight leg bounds be a good drill to correct this? Or is it strictly a issue of relative strength?

And my heel striking … Should I be doing anything specific to improve ankle stiffness or just let the jumps, bounds, sprints take care of that? I don’t think I should be correcting that issue by actively extending my ankles to compensate while sprinting.

Improve posture (hips high and as CF said, back straight) and avoiding reaching/casting to reduce/eliminate heel striking along with the gradual improvement in strength levels that will come over time.

Why are you in quarentine and when will be over?

Makes sense thanks