Forearm "splints"

I have a pain in one of my forearms that is similar to pain felt when experiencing shin splints…I beleive I got it from doing a speed bench press that is somewhat plyometric…The pain feels as though it is in the bone itself, not really sharp, but there (like in your shin w/ splints)…was wondering if there are any suggestions for recovery…I beleive it would help to do more forearm work? after workouts, and heat later? Thanks

cawb, if you don’t feel the pain in any exercise other than plyo bench, I would not worry about it too much; it is a stressful exercse. Just leave it out as xlr8 stated or use a lighter weight. Otherwise check it out with a physio etc. as it may not be as simple as simply strengthening and using ice/heat.

For shoulder plyos I find simply swinging the arms fast, as in sprinting action, very effective. You could also try holding very light weights if this does not effect your problem.

thing xlr8…I am using a westide template I think Ill focus on the explosion portion, but instead of letting the bar almost drop I’ll lower quick under controll then explode through and see how that works…

i get the same thing when i curl with a straight bar. the only thing that helps me is rest or tape my wrist very tight.

Stop doing plyometric bench presses…

i used to get the same thing from training my biceps. The only thing that helped was to lift through the pain and keep increasing weight. Eventually it went away, and now i lift twice as much. Lift with the biceps not the forearm. Same goes for any other lift. Concentrate on what the exercise is for.

I too have experienced “forearm splints” and they seem to occur anytime I curl heavy. I understand that the obvious way to help fix the problem woudlbe to stop curling heavy but would this not affect my ability to deadlift? Also would eliminating curls not affect my tricep development?

Your problem could be originating in your elbow. Rule out ‘Radial Tunnel Syndrome’. Nerve conduction test is the only definitive way to detect this. ART has been shown to be an effective treatment for ‘Radial Tunnel Sydrome’.