For Football Fans Who Love Swagger: Sean Taylor

worth the loading time.

kool.That guys ferosious.


That dude is a BEAST. Pretty fast to be 230+ lbs…

HAHA I wonder if he’s thinking about clawing and agility ladders when he’s laying someone out …

Sean Taylor is a bad ass… damn he’s intense.

Wow. That’s a heck of a player. He’s gonna be a cripple when he retires unfortunately from playing like that.

But if you’re going to play the game, then you may as well attack!


Who is that nutter?

Hey … any of you old guys remember Jack Tatum?

“The Assassin” was also a bad ass! In the Taylor video, when Taylor takes the guy down with the forearm across the chest, it is very reminiscent of Tatum.

Positives: Has a tall, muscular frame with long arms, valid hands and excellent field vision … Will strike with tremendous force and shows classic wrap-up tackling technique, staying low in his pads with a wide leg base to stalk and secure … Can plant and drive instantly breaking out his backpedal, using his long legs to stay stride-for-stride with receivers in the deep zone … Shows discipline in man coverage and does not waste time peeking in at the quarterback … Has enough foot speed to challenge any receiver on deep routes … Natural and smooth in transition, taking no wasted steps in his motion … Will challenge receivers going up for the ball, timing his leaps to get to the pigskin at its high point … Does a very good job of getting his hands on his opponent, using a strong hand jolt to knock the receiver off stride … Can recognize and react with force when asked to help in run support … Has large, natural hands and a knack for making the big interception that will change the complexion of the game … Very effective covering on vertical routes and quickly sees plays develop in front of him … Extends his arms and drives with his legs to drive ball carriers back when filling the rush lanes … Despite his wide frame, he makes plays laterally that few free safeties have the range to make.
Negatives: Has good flexibility, but appears a little stiff in his upper body when having to turn suddenly on the ball … Fine wrap-up tackler, but will get too aggressive at times, relying on his strength to punish a receiver rather than just bring him down (causes him to slip off a few tackles) … Gets a little too confident in himself and needs to continue his maturity process.

4.54 in the 40-yard dash … 365-pound bench press … 34½-inch vertical jump.
Attended Gulliver (Miami, Fla.) Academy, playing football for coach Steve Howie … Rated the No. 7 prospect in Dade County by the Miami Herald, the nation’s No. 18 skill athlete by SuperPrep (also a SuperPrep All-American) the No. 23 overall prospect in Florida by SuperPrep and was an Orlando Sentinel Super Southern Team selection … Listed as the No. 1 athlete on the Florida Times-Union Super 75 list and the No. 14 player in Florida by the Gainesville Sun … Accounted for three touchdowns (two receiving, one rushing) in the state title game victory over Marianna … Teammate of quarterback and fellow UM signee Buck Ortega … Helped lead Gulliver to the Florida Class 2A State Championship in 2000 … Was a star on both sides of the ball in 2000, as he rushed for 1,300 yards and a state-record 44 touchdowns … Played running back, defensive back and linebacker … Rushed for more than 200 yards twice during Gulliver’s state playoff run … Racked up more than 100 tackles during the 2000 season … Displayed excellent hands as a receiver.

is this out of hs or college?

It is out of college

I don’t see anything “badass” about this clip, but then again I’m an Aussie :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything “badass” about this clip, but then again I’m an Aussie

What’s that mean, “I’m an Aussie”. Have Aussie’s cornered the market on “badasses”.
If you’re not immpressed with the abilities of NFL athletes, particulary Sean Taylor, you’ve got rocks in your head. Come to the US and I’ll take you on the sideline of an Eagles game. You’ll never want to watch rugby again.
Promise that.

Ha, ha, you’ve probably seen rougher stuff in Aussie rules football! I’ve seen the footage, and without pads either! You guys are crazy!

And by the way, this is all footage from his rookie year (he’s only played one season professionally). Give him time and he’ll have a highlight reel that will impress anybody!!

Sean Taylor is sick. If his college teamate Vilma didn’t get Defensive Rookie of the Year. I’m pretty sure he would have.

Ha, ha, you’ve probably seen rougher stuff in Aussie rules football! I’ve seen the footage, and without pads either! You guys are crazy!

Rugby and Aus Football are not even close as far as the ferocity and violence of the NFL.

Will the rugby and aussie football world give it a rest (soccer too for that matter). The collisions in rubgy are a bee-fart compared to what goes on in the NFL. Okay so you wrestle around for the ball, step on each other. Do the math, someone like Sean Taylor roughly 100 kg at just under 10 m/s in your sternum = doesn’t happen in rugby.

heh I weigh a touch over 100kg but a bit shorter :slight_smile: