For Football Fans Who Love Swagger: Sean Taylor

There are obviously some people here who have never seen a rugby game …

… it’s a tough game

ok footbal players wear pads. but factor in that the smaller players of the league are at least 50lbs heavier, much faster, and much stronger, as well have no inhibitions about going full force because of the padding. And if rugby is so much more brutal and destructive, why does the NFL have the highest rate of injury and severity by a far margin of all sports?

Do you run a 4.54 40 as well?

And have 6% bodyfat?

Im from Australia and love Rugby League with all my heart, but this guy is right. American Football is far more violent and has the best athletes in the world.

42.5% BF :cool:

That’s funny.

that dude is up there with ray lewis as far as intensity. if you guys have limewire, kazaa, etc lookup nfl greatest hits, its about 46,000kb to dl but it has some wicked hits.

I love the debate of rugby vs football…who’s tougher. How’s this for an example.

A wide reciever (second to kickers as the least tough athletes to step on the field…sorry if I offend anyone) risks his career to undergo surgery and come back in half of the time for the superbowl…he made the news cuz he’s a reciever…things like that are just a normal part of the career for a lineman or a defensive player.

If you took the best NFL players and gave them two months to learn how to play rugby and condition in that fashion…they would beat the best rugby players in the world at rugby. NFL athletes are just the best in the world. period.