Hi all, just wondering what people’s stance on the importance of what spikes people are racing in and what shoes they are training in.

is much important past just getting some trainers with a sole for some impact padding?

and as for spikes, i remember reading a while back that cf said a soft soled pair of spikes will do the trick just fine and stiff plates can cause achilles strain, but a lot of the kids on my team think that im getting calf soreness because my spikes dont have a solider spike plate or arch or that soft soled spikes don’t give as much “pop” or keep you on your toes as well so they hamper your time. i’m a 60m/100m guy. what do you guys recommend?


never heard of any sprinter that would want a soft spike, at least for racing. THe stiffer the plate the greater response from the ground. GO SHOPPING!

Training is another story…

any recommendations on spikes then (preferably nike)? and so for training use soft soled and racing use stiff?

The Nike Zoom Superfly R3 are very stiff and light. I like them a lot- they certainly aren’t cheap though.

If you know your size, you might check out They have good prices and selection, and often have sales on last year’s designs.


yeah, i think that is our team spike, though i need to run an ic4a qualifying time to get shoes through the team (though I still think I may be able to buy the team model at a discount through the athletic department at my shcool)

yeah, I know my size and where to find spikes. I’ve just heard a lot of opinions on them and wasn’t sure who to listen to. stiff versus soft soled mainly. i’ve heard marion jones and tim montgomery ran with veyr soft spikes (and Tim even borrowed marions, haha), but kids on my team were saying I’d run much faster with stiff spikes (with superfly r3s counting as stiff)