Football Sprinters

Of all the people who play/played in the NFL, who do you think would have had the best opportunity to be an elite-level sprinter?

I know Tyree Washington and Corey Nelson as well as Mo Greene all played football (Mo never past HS), but what about those who chose football?

Let’s see here…

Deion - PR of 10.09 or something like that. The boy could move. He had a great RFD and had a tremendous stride length.

Darrell Green - Another fast one. Short choppy steps, though.

Michael Bennett - RB of Minnesota. He, before last season, ran a 9.99 electronic time 100m dash. This was in the off-season while training for football!!! I say based off pure speed, he would have had the most illustrious career in track and, with that time at his age and development, would have been able to challenge the WR if he so chose to.

What do you guys think? Base it off of everything…form, pure speed, SL or frequency…anything. Let’s get some thoughts.

guys in the league now… coles, bennett, newman.

Terrence Newman from KSU?

yep, thats him.

How about Sulton Mcollugh (sp?) from USC.
If i remember correctly he ran a 10.04?

Randy Moss appears to have pretty good top speed…

I forgot about Sultan. Terrence is a bad mofo. I saw him at the Big XII championships 2 years ago on TV and that boy can fly.

Moss is too lazy and too much of a whiner to get anywhere. Hence, the drop in production and the trade rumors arising.

Deion’s PB is 10.28 run when he was at FSU. Darrell Green ran 10.08, I’ve never heard of Michael Bennett going under 10 but he did run a legit 10.18 while at Wisconsin.

I thought I heard Deion ran under 10.10?

Agreed, but the guy does appear to have some talent…if only he would get his head on straight and put it to good use!

That’s for damn sure.

What about Mike Vick? He is fast. Think he could be a good 60m runner?

Not at the moment…it’s hard to run with a broken fibula (I say this from experience - I had the same injury a number of years ago. I guess Michael is just following in my footsteps :slight_smile:

Ain’t no one like my man Terry Tate

guys, what about bruce and holt, st louis’ wr?
on tv, from my part (italy) they seem two flash and are spectculare too
at the time of SB 2002, the italian tv commentators said that torry holt could run the 40 yards dash in 4"26 (e- time, hand time?) while azahir hakim in 4"29
was the rookie of the last year for the saints (i don’t remember the name, stall’worth?!) capable to run in 4"12?


Stallworth is fast and I think he could be a great sprinter if he wanted.

I was referring to Vick in 100% form, like before the broken fibula and even AFTER the torn ACL…he’s still one of the fastest.

Az-Zahir Hakim would be good for 60m, but I’m not so sure about 100m. He has good breakaway speed, though, so you never know.

Holt and Bruce are okay. They would probably be mediocre at 60m at best…too afraid to lose or get hurt.

No one has mentioned James Jett…thoughts?

anyone see charlie garner against the titans on sunday night? he caught a pass over the middle and just left everyone behind.

No, but Garner’s always been known as quick.

I know 400…I was just messin with ya. :slight_smile:

Yeah. That was pretty impressive. And the man has some of the best moves since Barry Sanders.

and marshall faulk?