Football Receiver

This is a Question for anyone who is a very experienced receiver or a coach who knows alot about ther reciever postion.

If the corner is playing man coverage and is playing your inside shoulder, how would you go about running a post route? I cant get on the inside of him and if i take an outside release he’s gonna ride my inside hip and i will be covered. Thanks alot.

It depends on how aggressively he is pressing you (I’m assuming you mean he’s in press coverage when you say man to man?). If you dip underneath of the corner immediately off of the line of scrimmage and immediately fade out you “should” essentially cut him off from underneath of you (assuming you are able to get past him). When you get past you can lead him toward the sideline and break in to your post route. There’s nothing wrong with taking more time on a route assuming that your quarterback knows how much time you have. It just takes practice. He just has to have some idea of where you’re going to be. You’ll never be successful trying to go outside of the db and coming in. You’re in exactly the position that the corner wants you to be!! Another alternative is to break straight down the line on your first step, fade in a little more, then fade out toward the sideline and finally break into your post.

It depends on if he’s beating you on the jam. If he loses at the point of contact, you can do whatever you want to him. If you get him thinking about contact, then it’ll be easier to beat his coverage.

I think the most important point for a receiver is to be ready to catch anything and to defend that ball. Seems counterintuitive since that’s the db’s job, but since you’re at a disadvantage with him to your inside, keep your balance and fight for that ball.

If he’s pressing hard on the inside shoulder, you have to run something else, unless your QB can throw low or high and to your outside shoulder every time. Maybe a postcorner or a hitch or an in-out would open up the post.

Which way would you not wanna go if you were the corner? Ask yourself that. Let the QB know and work with it.

take a release as if you were going to run a fade, as soon as he opens up his hips to turn and run with you, thats when you plant and take it to the post. once you make your cut you can push off with your left hand on to his right shoulder to create more separation. you can also get vertical and with your eyes and a quick sutter step give the appearance of a corner route and then take it to the post. the best wide outs are not always the fastest.

ESPN is right. If you watched the Baltimore Ravens / Indianapolis Colts game Marvin Harrison did that and bruned Chris McAlister for #47. The corner will have no chance if he bites on the fade.

Good advice, guys.

thanks guys

I will be a junior in high school soon and i am a kind of small guy.(5’6",150 lbs)
Our coach will be giving all the younger kids the small shoulder pads so i will probly get stuck with the huge ones. I cant lift my arms very high at all int them so i have decided to buy my own.
My question is, can someone recommend a specific brand or give me some things to look out for. I want them to be light,small, very comfortable, and give my arms a large range of motion.

Douglas are expensive but good.

Check out:

I have also heard good things about the Impact Pad

But I don’t have any personal experience with their products.

I would invest my money on Riddell’s PM19DB or PM34 pads.

Light but still very good.

Go try different pads and see which sit on your shoulders the best.

some of those look really good but OMG!!! the prices! Gotta remeber i am only about to turn 16:p
Do ya know any good ones that are cheaper. I am looking in the xtra large youth sizes because they are small and i am very cheap. has alot of cheap pads but i dont know which would be best suited for the wide reciever position.

The descriptions of the pads usually tell you what positions they are appropriate for. If you want lots of arm mobility, look for ones made for WRs or QBs. Once you find the brand and model you want, Google it and see where you can get the best price.

New topic- I need advice
The reason i am were i am now(football talent) is because of a good friend who is now 19. we started throwing 2 years ago. He had ambitions to be a quarterback and was quite decent. he eventually realized he really has no chance anymore becuase he is no longer in high school and isnt palnning to go to college. He works and is also very lazy. Recently we have grown apart and he is slowly but surley losing his intrest in football and it is showing when he throws. It is no longer football season and i want to get really good over this period but he only comes out about once every week. In turn i am getting a little rusty. My high school quarterback lives on the other side of town so i cant go over there and throw.
How can i still improve?

lift weights, run hills, sprint, multi-jumps. Lay in bed every night and throw the ball to yourself. Go out and run patterns alone and make believe the quarterback is there. Make believe there is a d-back pressing you, funneling you, you name it you can make believe. Work on your routes over and over half speed, full speed and then when you think you have them down, work on them more. get your little brother, cousin, sister or mother to throw the ball, to you. Even if they are not good at thowing the ball just work on catching it. Carry it with you all over the place, store it your bag. Live with the ball!!! Spend so much damn time witht the football that it feels odd when its not in your hands.

that’s some good advice right there.

thanx alot guys.
Do you guys play football? Receiver?

I play football, if you couldnt already tell from my name… (WR)

thought so. high school or college? Any good tips, drills, routines, advice?

Maybe Football Coach can chime-in with some advice.

Junior College… What kinda stuff are you lookin for? Specifics would help me help you…