Football equip.(Helmets, Shoulder Pads)

Need advice on football equipment specifically helmets and shoulder pads. Perhaps you guys could help.
A rep. from Adams came to our team meeting today and I’m not so sure I am comfortable with what he had. The A-2000 Pro elite although was light as hell seemed like it offered no protection as opposed to the Ridell helmet I had in HS and College. I understand they may be making them out of different lighter materials nowadays but I am still thinking about meeting with a Ridell rep. Can anyone convince me otherwise?
Also as for the Adams RA53-1 should pads although very light not sure I like them better than the old Ridell Air Pacs I used to have.
I play running back and occasionally reciever. I prefer shoulder pads with dual straps.
What would you guys suggest?
Any help is appreciated.

douglas pads are the very best, check ou their site. also ridell powerline are very good as many pros wear them along with douglas.
as for helmets, either ridell or schutt.
forget about adams.

Thanks for the info. Yes douglas did look good online.
May I ask why you said forget about adams and why ridell or schutt? Schutt seemed sort of like adams and Ridell seemed entirely different. Thoughts?

because the nfl and all major d1 colleges i have ever seen use riddell or schutt helmets, never seen anyone use adams.

Who cares what pro and d1 use, you’ve gotta figure out what works best for you.

At my school we have Riddell’s and Schutt’s. The Riddell’s we have are terrible. Pretty much feel like wearing cinder blocks on your head. I have a Schutt which is nice and light with better FOV. I’d recommend it, but I’ve also never used anything else so my opinion might not be worth much heh

Whats FOV? And which ridells do you have?

FOV = field of vision

I’m not sure which version of the Riddells we have other than they’re old, heavy, and awkward. Most of the guys on our team try to get a hold of the Schutts, but we have a limited supply.

this is a good pad for a rb:


I like Douglas pads and the Riddell Revolution Helmet.

The pads are lightweight and hold up pretty well while allowing good range of motion.

The Riddell helmet allows very good peripheral vision. It is kind of expensive, but it is protecting your brain after all!

That’s the pad I use (but get something other than the lame purple color!)

purple is the bomb!

Cool. Thanks for the help guys. I guess I just need to go to the dealers so I can try the gear on make sure it fits right. I’m assuming I’m going to be a Medium shoulder pads in those douglas even though I thought my shoulder measurement was 17-18 which is a small on there site. Thoughts on the sizing? And with the helmet I maybe should just go ahead and order it since I know I need a medium. Can anyone tell me the difference in weight of the Revolution comapred to the old VSR-4’s and compared to Shutts helmets? Also thoughts on which facemask on the revolution would be best for me? I was thinking the G2EG-R-Skilled
Also is the Revolution IQ better?

If you measure the way douglas says so I would go with small. my bro is 5’8 210 and his cp25 size l

go with the ole school helmet:

Personally I wear Douglas pads but I would say that the majority of NFL players wear Power followed by Douglas. If you are looking to maximize mobility and speed, look no further than Impact Pads. I’ve found that they are lighter and more comfortable than any other. I think a lot more players will be wearing them in the coming years. For helmets, I personally didn’t like the Revolution very much. I do however really like the new DNA helmets, very light and very comfortable.

douglas is all i know been wearing them since high school.

They are good pads, I have no real complaints with them. But when you put on the Impact pad you can feel an immediate difference in fit and weight. Truly a great pad.

do they cost more.

From the pic on the schutt site the DNA helmet looks like the Adams as there seems to be not much to it. What did you not like about the revolution helmet? And how would you compare it to the old VSR-2s?

$394.00. They look…interesting.:confused:

yeh i know alot of fsu guys where those.