Foot landings

when your foot(or should i say the ball of your foot)hits the ground should you try to drive through i mean by accelerate your foot backwards or should you bring it up as soon as it lands?i was told i should cycle through the motion and then when my foot hits the ground keep accelerating it through the full motion i tried it and it felt like i was pulling myself forward and i heard somewhere that it shouldn’t feel like im pulling.

Do a search. This topic has already been covered extensively on this forum.

i would search but i never know exactly what to search for

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foot landings…the initial contact will/should be the ball of the foot in line with the knee(underneath).also the foot will land just in front of the COM(in line with the head),as the foot passes DBC the heel will make a brief touch with the track then extend

now this is what happens but honestly i would think of the bigger picture.the foot contact will happen naturally if 1-strenght levels are sufficent and 2-mechanics are correct.

think of stepping over rather than foot contact or something else.

yea i know about stepping over but im wondering if i should feel like every step is pulling me faster or not

Pushing!!! should feel the acceleration and also the ground contact getting less and faster.

simple …think more of the body working as a whole

While it’s good to constanly review concepts I am getting sick of lame reruns. :mad:

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jason this will be addressed.thanks for your idea


Anytime X…always glad to help…you know me… :smiley:

Its in the works. It will actually be a video demo of yours truly at the site. It will cover alot, including the search function, store etc.

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