Foot Landing

Hey everyone, i’ve been lookin up info on this and i see people say your foot should land turned in. i found this pic of charles is this the correct way, and to get my foot is this position do i just turn my leg slightly outward or just my ankle?


i never heard of that!
i only heard of that your toes should be pointing upwards ie dorsoflexing

Don’t attempt to try and change the way your foot plants, especially by trying to twist your leg or ankle a certain way. This will lead to more injuries.

Only change your foot strike if your current way is causing you injuries.

Take a look at Ato Boldon’s foot strike!

you shouldnt land on the outside of your foot while sprinting.

I’m pretty sure you already do that… most runners shift towards the outer side of the foot prior and during initiation of ground contact. It’s natural, and how it should be. It does not mean turning your legs willingly to the side.

Just look at the pictures in this thread:

I know what he means. I do the same thing. Ive been trying to correct it by strenthining the outside of my calf more. i think its stronger muscles on the inside of your calf so your body naturally turns your foot at a slight outward angle so the push is more on the inside of the calf.

I do it when i walk to anywhere i walk i make sure my foot lands directly straight instead of outward

I dont know if that is the problem but it seems to be helping me