Flying or standing start fo SE?

Do some of you coaches employ a flying start over Sp end and SE runs?like a 10 m run up(fast jog), to save energy at the start, making the entire run smoother.
I find it is also useful on 80s for example, for ana thlete who pushes too hard at the start, thus not enabling him to reach his top speed.
the difference in timing can be in the 7-10 tenths area.

the 7-10 tenths are just because they are doing sth like flying 80s or, if i got you right.
So thats quite clear.

Sometimes (alot of the time) I use a “step-into” start when doing spe runs 120 or up. I find it is much smoother as you have stated. Other times I use a standing start or blocks start. I would say the “step-into” start is no more than .2 different.

agree for the step start…with 5-10m jog can become more like 7-10 like I said.