Flying 30

Just wondering what you guys run your flying 30 in and what your PR’S are and what are some fast flying 30 hand times you have seen before.

we did a flying 30 test today with a 30 meter fly zone… it was handtimed and i ran 3.00 3.01 and 3.01. i was the fastest on our team and next was 3.06.

What was your lead in? I find I need at least 25m to get the best flying 30m time.
I also found that when I reach the marker for the beggining of the 30m it sometimes makes me rush to get into the upright position, if I forget about the marker and continue to rise slowly in the transition phase then the times are much better.

I found the chart below can give sime indication of where you are at. Any thoughts?

Max velocity----------10.86mps-------11.11mps
Standing Long Jump----2.85-2.95------2.90-3.00
Standing Triple Jump—8.60m-8.80m—8.90-9.20

My pb at practicein the 30 is 3.5 from the blocks. So i guess according to that chart i should be running about what 10.2-10.1. I am consistant around 3.8. I assume i can run about 2.8-2.7 in flying 30’s.

I dont know if that chart is really accurate. I ran a 3.93 0-30meter but PB was only 10.83W aided. Unless my mid race mechanics were really screwed up in all my races. Thoughts?

Electronic time vs hand time???

Mine was FAT

We don’t do flying 30s in our training but I have hit 1.95 in a flying 20, with 25m run in.

Also to avoid confusion I think we should indicate hand times and electric, as I have run a 3.79 (from low) 30m handtimed but I am definetely not running 10.5. How I wish I was though :frowning:

Also Akm not to discount your table, but adding up the 10.5 runner if he runs 4.1 and then 2.9 he will be at 7.0 at 60. I think you would have to be going through a little faster (6.7-6.8) to hit 10.5. Same with the 10.7 guy. If you are going through in 7.2 you will be lucky to break 11. That being said I think your 150m and 300m sound about right.

I cant’ remember the last time I did a flying 30. I think it was the Jan of 2001. It was indoors, on a 150m track, so most of the run in was done on the curve which really slowed the time down. I have no idea what the times were since I wasn’t the one recording them. But I know they weren’t in the 2sec range. Maybe 3.1 or something, i’m not sure.

For 30’s out of blocks my fastest is 3.43ht. Which just happen to done last Mon. It was also my last rep. I was doing 3x3x30, and the 1st one was probably the worst 30 ever run on the face of the earth. (4.69!) In reality it probably wasn’t that slow, cuz the timer started the watch on his signal, and he just so happen to be sitting far enough away so that I couldn’t hear him right away, so there was a delay. After we adjusted his position, the next one was 3.63. All the rest were in that range except the last one which was 3.43ht. I injured my hamstring 2 days after this workout while doing some split runs, so i’m recovering right now. Luckily it is an unloading week right now.

I can standing long jump between 2.9 and 3.0 meters, now only if I could run 10.5 0r 10.7. sighhh :frowning: I wish that chart was accurate, but I don’t think it’s a good indicator. Can being able to staning long jump about 10 feet, last time I tryed,at least mean I have the potential to run 10.7.

I think you might be looking at the table the wrong way.
I believe what it is saying is that a 10.7 runner can generaly perform 0-30m in 4.1-4.2 and the 150m in 15.7 etc
If you fluked 1 run in 1 training session to get a PB of 4.1 for the 0-30m I don’t think that you should consider yourself a 10.7 runner who just hasn’t had the right race conditions.
It is a general guide. I just use it as motivation when I’m training to make things a bit more interesting.

Of course there are many other factors involved in nailing a 10.7 on race day

I like to look at it as if I hit a nice 30m time it’s setting me up for a nice 55m time if I do a lot of work on it. Then if I get to that point and record a nice 55m time I’m set up for a nice 100m time.

EDIT:Oh, this is in reference to the comments on the chart not the original question.

I have never had a very good standing LJ and I believe it really has to deal with levers and I’m lever impaired, hehe. I’m 5’3", 165.
My PRs:
100m 10.30
200m 21.18
55m 6.29
Flying 30m w/10-15m lead in 2.73 (accutrack)
300m 36.0 (Indoor, 5 years ago)

Anyway, what does your standing lj lead you to believe? The further you jump the quicker your first 30m is and the standing tj is further and further that would mean you can run a great middle to end phase? Just curious. Let me know.

2.73 Automatic with only a 10-15 runup is great. Since max velocity isnt reached until around 30 meters i like to see what you would have ran if you used a 25-30 meter fly zone.

Have you ever got timed in a 30 from blocks?

My 60 meter PR. from 2 years ago (i am alot stronger and faster now)
was 7.09.

And so far this year off of 8 weeks of training i have been consistent at 3.8 hand time out of the blocks and 3.0 for my flying 30. So based on those times id say im right around 7.1 at the moment. Add .1 for reaction and .2 for F.A.T.
My starts need some serious work though.

Dumb rookie question but is there a difference between PR [personal record?] and PB [personal best]? Thanks in advance.

I tell you about them dumb rookies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw there isn’t. PB is usually what other people refer when talking about another person’s time. PR is usually what a person talks about when refering to themselves. Or the other way around. At least thats how I look at it.

I think its also a Canadian American thing. Canadians tend to say PB, while Americans say PR. I don’t know what the Brits or Aussies prefer.

PB for this Aussie.

But yes they mean the same thing