flying 10's/20's

when doing a flying 10-20 do you start off at a jog then slowly build up speed till you are running at full speed at the end of the 30 m run-up then hold that speed for the required distance, or do you come out hard then try to accelerate again at the end of the run-up distance. thanks

My understanding of flying 20s is to b/u to near max for 30m then try to run even faster thru the next 20m.

Another question in the same thread is seeing that the reason behind flying runs is to improve max velocity is it better to approach the 20m zone at say 80to 90% which may allow for a greater effort and therefore a higher max or is it more effective to be nearer 100% as the approach speed could enable you to achieve higher velocity even though the energy expenditure to the 30m mark would have been greater.

I guess the only way to answer this would be to have both methods tested using FAT for the 20fly zone.

Comments anyone?

It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the flying runs, but generally, you us a build up to get to the speed you want to achieve (longer for higher speeds) and then ideally hit the speed just before entering the zone and use good mechanics to maintain it through the zone. Flying drills are really good for working on top speed mechanics.

You will need to use slightly longer acceleration zones with flying runs than normal runs because you will be doing an “easy” acceleration instead of exploding out of blocks. Generally 10 m longer than a normal acceleration will take care of the difference. For example, if you normally hit top speed at around 50m, then use a 60m acceleration zone and your flying zone right after that.

Do NOT try to accelerate after you are at top speed! It will only make you tighten up and slow down.