Fluctuations in Special Endurance

I would like to know the forum’s thoughts on changing the direction you load special endurance. I know that on the old forum, we had discussed loading from the bottom up and vice versa; but do any of you out there switch it up cycle to cycle? Example would be going from 150-300m for 3 weeks and following a regeneration week, go from 350m down? Just curious.

I think that such changes would be too disruptive to training and wouldn’t allow for the best results. Occasional changes to longer runs at a lower intensity to aid in CNS regeneration are a possibility.

Thank you Charlie.
As I understand it, the longer intervals are less stressfull on the CNS and that is why it is best to go with longer distances during the regeneration week. Is this correct, or are you saying that we should drop the intensity as well on these Special End. days during this unloading week?