Flexibility and Stretching help

Hi guys,
Id really like some help getting a proper stretching programme going. I really dont do enough to improve my flexibility and feel tight a lot. Possibibly from overtraining.

Currently i use a GPP dvd style warmup and then some statics at the end, but its not enough…

Can someone point me in the right direction?

do you do any hurdle work as per GPP DVD, massage or foam roller etc?

Warm-up exercises should be used to increase the available range of motion within current flexibility limits, but they should not attempt increase the flexibility limits. That has to be addressed in a separate component. In the warm-up, the increasing ROM comes more from the heating of the tissue and the stimulation of proprioceptors.

What are your specific flexibility deficiencies as you see them, and what specifically are you currently doing to address them? We need a starting point.

Thanks guys,
I’ll be honest and say that i dont do hurdle work, or foam roller anymore.
My main problem i suppose is that i dont really know what my deficiencies are. I do know that i dont spend enough time on my flexibility but after that im just guessing.
Are there any tests you could do to figure out what needs to be worked on?

The simplest way is to see what muscle groups feel tightest as you go through a series of stretches. You don’t have to get too technotronic over the issue. If you want something more structured, I would recommend Stretch to Win by Ann and Chris Frederick. It has a self evaluation section that helps you diagnose your personal needs in developing a stretching program.