Fitting in plyos and sprints?

Is it fine to do plyos ands sprints a few hours after weightlifting? How much would it affect the intensity of the workout?

I believe yes. Plyometrics and sprints need complete recovery to be done after. I mean muscular recovery and CNS recovery. The emphasis in sprints and plyometrics is not max strength in its self. But max power output by decreasing the amount of time the force is applied at. And that needs a lot of concentration and you should be very fresh. Specially when its plyometrics. Cause in plyometrics you have much more time contact with the ground than sprints. And so you need to concentrate more of decreasing that foot contact time while still producing the big jumps ect. So there is no point of coming heavy and overdone and get down and start jumping or sprinting. If you switch it the other way round I guess you’ll get no problem. I mean do the sprints or plyos and then do the weight training. I like to combine Lower body plyometrics with and upperbody weight training session and vice versa.

I don’t want to do it that way because my priority is strength. I know if I do plyos and sprints before weights it will affect my strength. Can I do plyos the day after I work my legs?

didnt hurt ben…certainly hasnt hurt me, been setting pr’s…but i dont do plyo’s…just to give an example, i think 2x6x600lbs@175lbs, 2x5x450lbs@175lbs(sorry if these are wrong, but even if they are, they are damn close)

I´m doing just like you, i mean,
saturday morning´s: Plyos that consist: “stand” jump box 1 then 2 steps, jump over hurdle 2x5x6 hurdles, Long Jump both legs and single long jump.
Then, a few hours laters ( about 3 or 4 ) i do Max Weight Upper Body, 2 or 3 sets or 6,5 and 4 reps with high weights.
Monday: Rest