First year of track..Ever

Okay, first I will start off and tell you the events I do…and what my bests are…Im 16, I will be 17 in august…

Long jump-15’ 2’’ (that was the first time i ever long jumped which was today)
triple jump 33’ 3"

Okay, now I will tell you my problem… I have a strained quad… At my first meet, I was doing the hundred and something happened when I stopped my quad hurt really bad like i pulled a muscle…Well, anyway i still competed and ignored the pain… It was totally healed, until I did it again today… (woops…) Anytips for this would be nice…

Okay, I want to get my 100m under 12s possible?
Also, I have access to a weight room, tell me what exactly to do…

I am 5’8-5’9
9-10% body fat

There is a kid on my team that runs an 11.6. My goal is by the end of june to of beat him in a race… It’s a good goal… I like competition except… Im not compettition to him…

So what can I do?

Anything else you need to know about me?

Also, I think I run wrong… Even if I am pretty fast I get the feeling i run wrong…

Haha we have the exact same build. I too have frequent quad problems. Freshman, sophomore, senior and freshman(college) i had problems with my quads. Usually in the first month of the season i’d hurt my one quad and a month later it would be the other. But after that the rest of the season i’d be fine. (I have like a little crater in the middle of my quad from the first time i hurt it. That was my freshman year when i pulled it and was the most serious injury out of all cuz the rest were just strains).

Anyway, for me usually from the moment i got hurt to the moment i was back to running full workouts was about a 2 week period. I wouldn’t do anything the day after my injury other than ice. I would ice the day of my injury and for the next three days. After that i would just jog for my first workout and i’d wear a compression thing over my injured quad to which kept it tight and warm and really helped. Then the next day i’d do nothing. After that i would do some really easy 50 meter straights at like less than tempo %. The next day the same thing. Then i’d do some light tempo workouts the next 2 days. After that my coach would let me join the team workouts but i’d only do like half of the workout and at half of the intensity. I must mention that u need to be careful with stretching cuz not only does ur quad hurt when u stretch it but u can also re-injure it. Also make sure u get ur protein durin that period to rebuild ur muscle. I have no clue if u should get ur quad massaged or not. I’m wondering if u have a lot of scar tissue around ur quad from ur previous quad injury. If so ART may be a good way to break it up (i’ve never had it done to me but my friend has and he as well as others have had positive comments bout it).

Keep training hard this year and don’t give up cuz it will pay off next year and u’ll see some great improvements. Yes under 12’s is definetly possible depending on if ur training right. Read around the forum for GPP and SPP training. Also read up on the different phases of the 100, blocks, start, drive phase/acceleration, max velocity, decceleration. As for lifting i don’t know very much.
Wat do u mean by runnnin wrong?

If you mean this June shaving 1.6 seconds off your time in a couple months is pretty unheard of. Your build is kinda like mine too (I’m fatter :smiley: ) so I’m sure there is potential. I’m like 15% BF and 165 pounds and I can run like 11.7 right now so as long as you work hard and get technique down you should be able to get some good times.

I’ve had some quad problems lately myself. I think I pulled it at one of my workouts cause I didn’t warm up properly. I waited a week came back and hurt it again. I did a small workout on it this morning (I re-hurt it saturday) and it definately feels better. Don’t go by my recovery time cause you may be different. Anyways once you have it ice it then heat it and back and forth was what I was told. Also stretch it but lightly, as Greekgod said stretching it too much will result in further injury. Just warm up and stretch properly before every workout and that should prevent quad injuries.

CaptinPain thanx for reminding me. When i applied the hot cold technique my recovery time from injury drastically improved.

As far as goin from 13.2 to 11’s by june thatz pretty hard Jaw NvMe. It depends in what kind of shape ur in now counting injuries and training. My junior year i went from 11.6 to 11.1 in 2 months of non specific 100 meter training. It was more like 200, 400 meter training because my team’s best runners were that type of runners.

i almost did it until feet and calf troubles started coming in and giving me chronic pain. I went from 14.1h to 12.28h in one year of training, dont know how good that is but i was close i suppose to getting in the elevens, considering i started to peak near the end of the season(my coach said this). Between i’m 5’8-5’9 weigh 173lbs 15-18% bodyfat, me, you and Captainpain are clones in different worlds hehehehe(ofcourse lets not forget im the special one)

Well, here are some things. I am not really looking for under 12 by june, just under 12 within a decent amount of time. Here are some things that may or may not be slowing me down.

I don’t start out of blocks I don’t know how.
I don’t wear good shoes, I wear like some air jordans or something dont even know. “jake im gonna be honest with you your shoes suck im sorry”-coach
I have a strained quad.

and by running wrong I mean, like bad form… Improper technique you know?

My coach says if I get some track shoes it will probably add a few feet onto my long jump and triple jump… but anyway

You think those things are holding me back?

Hmm…the potential is there, but you need to work on form execution, for God’s sake learn how to use blocks. This is where your body forms muscle memory, the beginning of your training, so do it right. And getting new shoes will help considerably. Have you ever run in spikes? If not, you’ll be impressed with how much faster you feel.

Nope I have never ran with spikes…

Spikes will definately just in themselves be a huge improvement. Last year I ran my first competition without spikes (I was the only one :o ) and ran like 12.5 or 12.6 Then I got a pair of spikes and at the end of the year a bad race for me was 12 flat.


Welcome to our merry bunch…

We hope you enjoy your stay.


Thx for the advice guys, I gotta meet today… Ill tell ya how it goes when I get home…

Heylo again, my meet on thursday ended well… I am now down to a 12.5 in 100m and i plan on beating it wedensday. I also have a 17 foot and some change long jump.

I am looking to start some kind of training program any recommended pre-made programs by a profesional?

I doubt anyone is going to refer you to a pre-made program b/c that will not help you much. The best way is to figure out your needs/weaknesses and strengths and improve your weaknesses and build upon your strength. Since you’re running for your school i assume, you may want to ask the track coach for some ideas/advice. If that doesn’t work for you, then search this site, the internet, and other sites and just read up as much as you can, and figure out how to periodize your sprinting w/ your trianing, and then come back w/ a template and more specific questions.

I’m a newbie as well, and that’s what i did, and i got more helpful answers and people were able to help more. B/c if you just ask a general question like for a program, not many people can help b/c everyone is different, and through a message board on teh internet they cna’t really assess your needs.

Hope this helps.

PM me if your interested in the sites that i found most helpful.