First Week of Track Season

For everyone who is a Coach. I was wondering what a typical first week would look like for Sprinters, jumpers and throwers at the High School Level. I.e. how you guys would design yours.

Alot of ext. tempo, multi throw circuits, in place jump circuits possibly some hills. All this would depend on the General Physical preparednessof the athlete as James Smith would say. Some may be in decent shape coming from another sport, and some may be coming to you straight from video game and potato chip land. With the very detrained/untrained the first week or 2 will give them lots of DOMS so it is best to start slow with them.
After 2 weeks of that type of stuff I would begin short acceleration developement.
For throwers I am not so sure. Possibly short tempo, and lots of bodyweight exercises to get these boys in some type of shape.

DOMS please

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. For example, if you haven’t lifted or trained hard since last season, you will probably experience muscle soreness(DOMS) when you start training again.