First step

If you have a really good reaction time and a really good first step out of the block(really explosive). if you are doing a bad 0-30m time, is it a problem of speed or a problem of technique??

too hard to say

Usually poor 30m times indicate a lack of strength. Are you sure the first step is as explosive as you think?

It could, however, be a inability to appropriately deliver the strength (bad angles)…which could come down to technique.

If you post some video, we could probably figure it out.

BTW, what’s the deal UT?!? Are you trying to get your post count up?

lol, nope. its hard to say because for athletes who have fast 10times but slow 20 or 30, its usually tech - bad transition, but i cant say for sure till i see film. i have seen athletes who are very strong and have the same issue.

I’m with you on the the strength theory - based on the info at hand - Xlr8 … (and actually also on the post count one too mate - been thinking that for a while now …)

By the way …

A really good reaction time … does not equal … A really good first step

We agree on that?

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Try doing some Belly starts for a month or so! That will help with technique issues, especially over the 1st 10m.

Then why didn’t you say that as your first response?!? If you don’t have something helpful to add, then don’t post. A response like “Too hard to say” is totally unhelpful, unnecessary and wastes everyones time.

If you really do “have more important things in my life then to worry about a post count”, then why are you wasting your time with a four word response that doesn’t help?

Bold: that’s a great suggestion! Also, doing uphill runs on a gentle slope will help.

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So defensive…

But i’m going to have to agree with many of the people who offered advice in this thread. Your reaction time is different from power and footspeed.

The initial phase, the drive phase, or whatever you wish to call it, is more or less leg power. Stride length doesn’t really play a part in this phase, and reaction time only helps when you first explode from the blocks.

This seems like it would be a matter of strength, footspeed, turnover power, or a number of other things. It could very well be a technique problem, and until the people on this board see a video, I doubt they’ll be able to do anything except tell you what it COULD be.

If you can, get a friend to record for ya.

I think you could also be thinking too much about the hit out of the blocks and the first step and not thinking about setting up the rest of your race. Your getting out of the blocks really well but not putting yourself in a position where you can continue to apply power to go on with it.