First degree hamstring pull recovery ? urgent...

Just strained it slightly in the 200m (first degree by definition, walking or jogging not inhibited), took an ice bath and contrast shower, right now its compressed also…
Muscle it not feeling particularly swollen or tender… just like any other day.

I have a meet (100) on thursday, in 3 days… you think it’s possible for me to race if i feel good by then ?

Anything else I should do to speed up recovery ?


nope dont race on thursday, CF said once before grade one injury take min 10days to heal. First 72hrs just rest, rice and ems

What has ur training looked like?

last week

sun: tempo
mon: starts, 2xflying 20, 60m
tue tempo
wed: starts + 2x200m 95%
thu: tempo
fri: warmup and a couple starts

wow thats bummer it was a big race with lots of sub 10.8 guys … i can get pro massage if it will help getting me ready for thursday ?

I wouldn’t have used the contrast treatment so early. Would have given at least 48 hours of just ice before moving to that.

it was done straight after a 20m ice bath, didn’t really feel the cold shower after such a long icing

should I be icing also right now when idle ? it’s not swollen nor it is red or tender… no pain on pressure too

i also have The Stick is it any good for the situation

you also should have taken some anti inflamm’s

popped 600mg etopan thanks !

dude seriously, dont rush back and try to race on thursday i dont think it will happen. next three days lay low and chill.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: OK deal… but im not liking this man !!

Other than RICE can I also do deep tissue massage over there ?

also it happened at the 190m mark, i am guessing its due to poor running technique due to fatigue ? I need to keep doing those tempo sessions

I think tempo is one of the first areas you can come back to, but I agree, definitely don’t rush it! I would take the anti inflammatories for three days, and keep icing it for 8-10 minutes, several times a day for the same time period. After that you can think about hot and cold and the stick (possibly still too soon for the stick).

Contrast stimulates blood flow, and you want to avoid that in the first couple of days as that causes swelling. Massage does the same thing (so does the stick).

Listen to tamfb, take time!

Thanks… You guys talked me out of it… What can I do ! My next 100 then, is on the 12 (thursday next week)… Hopefully I can race by then ?

I would ensure you get at least two flat out sessions in before then to make sure you get through the meet unhurt!

I wouldnt do it, maybe the following the week.

Well when I first experienced such a strain (my first time deadlifting) it took about 3 days to go away so I think I will start doing 70% tempo sessions with extensive therapy in 72 hours then go by feel to more intense work

I would keep the tempo extensive, and maybe look to working on acceleration runs over short distances, gradually increasing. The hamstrings are recruited less in acceleration mechanics.

straining a hammy dl vs sprinting is much diff. you can start during tempo work maybe day 4 or 5 with workouts like jog 50 walk 50 x10-20 reps then progress to 10x100.

I had a hamstring injury 7 weeks ago. It was second stadium. It wasn’t during the running, instead it happened because i jumped in too wide lunge position. It was recently so i remember pretty good how i felt this days and what i did.

At first it is good that you have first stadium but be sure that now it is possible to make more damage if you start racing again. You must relax at least 3-4 days and icing it as others told you! After that start tempo, but you must be very patient and very very careful. Don’t rush, it is not end of carrier if you don’t run race or two, but you must not injury it again soon because then you will lose much much more!

I needed almost 6 weeks to start to train regular and to feel good (and i am not sprinter, not at all!) so you have more chances for injury because of your activity.
Its great because you have therapy, but at least 10 days you shouldn’t do any max training. Start to stretch after first 3 days, start slowly and then you will see where you are, after that some low tempo and then you will see how you feel, but be careful, hamstrings are really bad when you injure them…


As others have pointed out, the worst thing you can do would be to rush into a race before it’s fully healed. Go get your tickets now (if needed) for a good spot on the finish line!

4 or 5 days of rest is needed to come back and jog from a minor strain???

Silencer, coming back to do tempo and endurance type work outs or whatever is not how you come back from a hamstring injury. People constantly talk about how doing endurance training does not prepare your hamstrings for the high speeds that sprinting entails, so why the hell would you rehab this way unless you want to take forever to heal?

As you said earlier, just go by feel. Keep some consistency with what you have been doing just be mindful of the injury. Push as much as you can without setting yourself back. Grade 1 hamstring strain should not take that long to come back from. If you can only run 50% then do that. But if you can run 80% then do that. Don’t jog for a week or two when you can be going faster.

Thanks all ! Im gonna report back here tomorrow, only then i will be able to see how severe is it… after 8 hours of sleep :slight_smile:

Stay tuned ! i will def pass thursdays race… i am one sad man though because of this… but, i have to learn to take care of myself… after all, the best sprinters in the world with a crew of 10 pros maintaining them ended careers because their hamstring tore apart… who am i to race like that !