Finger Digit Length - testosterone level

how do you fair? :slight_smile:

Well my ring finger (4th) is definitely longer than my index (2nd). By about 1.5cm on right hands, and left is slightly less at 1cm. So I guess I have relatively high testosterone :cool:

mine are about 1.5 cm on both hands. i have more test than you !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird, there is a bigger difference between the ring finger and the index finger on my left hand than on my right hand. What does this mean? (by difference I mean the ring finger is longer)

I guess I should tell some of the athletes who have fingers that don’t meet the criteria to give it all up now.

Why bother to continue training, working hard and eating right when your index and ring fingers don’t meet the “standards”…

Yes, and don’t bother showing your hands on the bar at the clubs! Besides, doesn’t width count as well as lenght?

ill just chop my index finger off at the second knuckle!!

How would you pass a drug test like that?

Joe, the only guy from his highschool (maybe county) to win gold at states has ring finger shorter or even with his index on both hands.
p.s. there are a lot more macho guys than him though.

  • has anyone checked out piano players?