Finding the balance in training for speed and triple jump..

Hi all, first time on forum, so pls be gentle;)

Just looking for a bit of advise from you guys…

developing speed for horizontal jumps( tj)
Many people believe that you can go no further without improving your speed. True fact, speed is a big part of maintaining horizontal velocity within the triple jump. How can i make myself, ‘Lightning fast’ so that Jonathan Edwards will understand when i take his world record apart??

regards … kevTomo

Welcome Kevin,first of all look at what JE does and how he prepares for training and competition.he does alot of speed work and also i have seen him doing alot of block starts believe it or not.

it makes sense that speed=farther jump distance but not always true.personnally i think speed plus jump technique go hand in hand,if the balance is right then you’ll fly.

TJ is one of the most demanding events you can do and a solid base is vital both in the weight room(strenght and pervention) and on track.

you’re initial q was how can i make myself lightening fast?

take a look at the event first…you have a 30-40m run-up which is pure acceleration even true the board which differs from the LJ.the final few steps of the LJ are breaked tyo allow transfer between speed and JE run and he’ll continue runnning through the board with no breaking.what he is doing is transferring the speed from the run-up into distance on the phases.

i suggest doing alot of stand starts over 10/20/30m,add in some flying 10s with a 20-30. run up.also make safety a major priority!!!