Finding a Workout Facility for the Indoor (WINTER) Season

I was lucky that in BC I believe that the City of Trail’s Track and fieldhouse is the only indoor running track in all of BC I know. I believe it was made in honor of my former Olympic German Athlete/Coach (can’t remember which one) Willie Krause. I luckily was able to rent out one half of the entire field house for less than 300 dollars to use it for one hour on Mondays and Fridays for all of Jan and Feb it works out like 20 dollars a day for that one hour. If I get there 10min early and leave 5 min late it works out to 1hr and 15min. The whole track is 140m in an tight oval and 55m down each straightway so thats why I only booked half. I can have has many athletes as I want in there without being charged extra but right now its just me so I opted for just the two days. The third day on Wed was booked up so I’ll run inside the college gym floor which spans 40m at the most from one corner to the other and 120m all the way around so that I can do my tempo days as prescribed but you have to have both courts open to do that which they usually are at around 4 p.m.

In Vancouver they don’t have an indoor track which I found shocking when I heard that. In Kelowna I believe they will be building one next year.

What are your guys thoughts on this?

Super, where in Vancouver is this facility?

Kelowna will have an indoor facility that will be sufficient for sprinters. I am not sure on the entire specifics: it is 300m, but without rounded corners. However, for indoor training all I need is 60m with enough space for my athletes to slow down without hurting themselves, and I have it.

I believe SVS’s first line should read: ‘City of Trail’s . . .’. The facility is in Trail, BC; not Vancouver.

Ahh, I get it. Thanks! Somewhat sad that Trail can do something Vancouver hasn’t.

Herb is this a new track or the same one that I went and used in 1997?

What’s really sad, is that had SFU received the Olympic Oval, there would have been a really nice indoor track/high performance training centre in it after the Olympics was finished. Now that the Oval has been moved to Richmond, it will be turned into a convention centre when the Olympics is finished. So much for an 'Olympic Legacy!"

Brand spankin new! It is about 5 more days till the Mondo surface is complete. The place is called the capital news center. I went there today…soooooo sweet! A new era in sprints in the okanagan (BC) begins with the opening of that track!

It doesn’t snow or get below zero here in Vancouver so there’s no need for an indoor track. It’s like living in California!!

yeah right.

It doesn’t get below 0 here either but I am not sprinting in this kind of weather, its a recipe for injuries.

What are the rental costs?

not sure for a club, but $15.00 per month for an individual.

That’s dirt cheap.