Final week of practice. Peaking ideas.

I have a 4 X 400 team of HS girls. Their most important meet of the year is on the coming Saturday. They all raced last Friday night in 4 X 400 and three of them in 4 X 100 (the other in the 800). One also ran 300 H Friday night. And they all had prelim heats last Wednesday. This coming weekend there are no prelims. The hurdler did not qualify for this week, so three of them are running 4 X 100, one is running 800 and all four are running 4 X 400 Saturday. The 4 X 400 is by far our best chance and most important to the girls.

Here is my tentative workout plan for the week. I would appreciate any comments or advice.

M: 3 X 150 @ 95% with 15 min rest, plus a
little baton work

T: Tempo (probably 8 X 200 @ 70-75%)

W: 2 X FEF (30-meter segments), baton work

R: Tempo (probably 10 X 150)

F: Rest (and travel)

looks pretty good, but i would drop the Thursday tempo to 1000m total.
also, the Wed speed is ok but i would do 2 fast 60s at 95% with 3-4 starts over 20-30m in their aswell

good luck at the meet

Just remember that speed change drills, according to CF, are the most CNS stressful speed work you can do so if you do them, it will be best to stay sub-max. Finish drills or straight sprints, sub-max either way, might be a better option(as recommended above) that close to the big meet.