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First of all, I want to wish you luck on your training. I want to help, but I dont know much about training for the 400m. However, if you look at the Lactate Threshold Training Thread - it’s almost 20 pages long I think - there are a ton of ideas about training for the 400m in there. If you have the time, I recommend you read through the whole thing, and pay particular attention to posts by kitkat and pierrejean, as well as the people asking them questions. Also, I take it that you’re doing a long to short approach, I just want to ask why would you take a long to short instead of short to long? It seems to me that you would want to have the speed in place to work with and then develop the ability to extend and maintain that new top speed for as long as possible. Just a thought, anyone else?

Mister C you could very well be right.
My thinking was that if I able to get the Lactic tolerance work out of the way initially, before any races as such, I could then concentrate more on speed work during the race season, allowing me to put a good 400 race together. But if this is not correct or the most effective way to go about training then by all means correct me.

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Hello Flyer, from your PM request, i reply to your thread.
First you didn’t gave us your age. Unless it’s too private it would be good to have a better picture of you.

I don’t think speed explosiveness is so much important in your case, and your speed is already good (11.6 compared to 53.3). When someone targets a given time at 400, no secret, train at the target pace, for 50 sec, that’s 12.5sec per 100m, 18.75 per 150m, 25sec per 200m, etc… This you can use as a table for your specific 400m cession, which you shouln’t start at the last minute. Progressive adaptation to race speed is the key. Now you should decide if 50sec is a reasonable goal or not. If not, the training speeds at 12.5 will be too fast for you. You can use Clyde Hart’s decreasing 200s as well, i think that’s something like 13 x 200 in say 36sec with 2 minutes rest, then 12 x 200 in 35sec, etc… There will be a moment after about 10-12 weeks where you will reach 2 x 200 in 25sec. During this progression you can do a short progression from shor to long, starting with reps of 100m in 12.5, gradually increasing wih 150m, 200m, 250m, 300m distances at the same pace. As the season progrss, you will have to pay attention to give enough space between specific cessions. There’s also the speed work, the aerobie work, the strength program (isn’t 3xtimes a week too much?), listen your body. I just gave an example among many others.

So judging by your timetable, I need to focus on a much longer gpp after this season. I ran an 11.96 after 3 meets (average decrease of .3 seconds each meet, so I may get 11.6 next time) but I only run a 26.5 200m and a 59 second 400m. This indicates that I am in terrible shape, so would you still have me training at 50 second pace? I would think that would not work…

That’s why you need a short to long progression, for example starting from repetitions 100m in 12.5, etc until you can run the complete 400 at 12.5 pace. But if you can only ran 59sec now, you should have your goals lower and 50sec isn’t reasonable…

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