Felix Sanches training

I´ve found an article on the website “www.ukhurdlesclub.net” regarding
e.g the trainingmethods that Felix Sanches uses.

Here are some qotes:

Felix: For instance no workout gets more than 3 min recovey, wether it´s 1000m or 150m."

UKHC: Is that throughout the season? Chris Rawlinson´s program is very much based around 3 min recovery work, uptil the start of March.

Felix: “That is the whole season. We have 1 mile or more warmup and 1 mileageday that is usually our restday in wich we run for 30 min.
He calls it “money in the bank”-most our work is actually 1 or 2 min recovery. And that is about it- there is no real secret, it´s just diffirent at least to me. Oh we only put spikes on if we have a hurdleseassion.”

Seems like 3 min recoverys are used all year round, that would be intensive tempo if so. I don´t know if this recovery concerned speed as well. It also seems like distance runs includes his trainingprogram.
In my opinion it looks like Felix´s doing not much qualitywork and more lactid acid trainig. (It´s kind of a MJ-feeling when you read about it.)
Any thoughts, comments or more facts?


One must understand this works for Felix, you can give this same program to another 49.5 400m IH and the results will be worst.

You must do what’s best for the athlete.

It’s very interesting as far as his work load and intensity.

Kenny Mac~~~