Feeling confident

Ideas on how to get more confident?

I think this is what hold me back most.

the realization that failure is not the end can always boost confidence. often times people worry so much that they cant perfrom. learn the intricaces of yourself and courage and confidence can be raised at will.

If you are prepared and have some experience relative to your ability (doesn’t matter how many comps you have if they are all low level and you are going to nat’s for example) the confidence should come. It also helps when you are peaking and are dropping your fastest times, lifting PBs, etc. all before a major comp.

Very good post.

I would add having a solid plan that you trust. Sometimes results are slower in coming than expected and doubt creeps in and it is tempting to dramatically change things. If you have a fundamentally sound plan that you trust then stick with it.

I always refer it back to exams :confused: everyone gets nervous before them, those that perform best and are the least nervous are the ones who have done the hard yards and prepared and have strategies in place for the exam.