Favourite Music while training?

Just Quick survey to see what we listen to while training?
And do you listen to a W/man while track training?

Bach: Art of Fugue [contrapunctus ix]:clap:

On the way to training I use the same techniques as when donning a cold soggy wetsuit in January - heavy riffs or beats :smiley: -
Usually - The Cult / Hendrix / Pistols / Ramones / Iggy Pop / Soundgarden / Led Zep / The skids / Fu Manchu
or If I’m feelin funkieeeeeee -
Straight outta Compton ( very extreme situations lol ) NWA
Da Funk - Daft Punk
Low Rider - War :cool:
Stakker Humanoid - :sing: acieed lol
The Hypnotist - Rainbows in the sky :baddevil::
Higher ground - SW - best version

On the way home - chill out tapes or Something mellow like Coqteau Twins or Travis

What does CFTS recommend Charlie :wink:

i listen to only rap (eminem, dmx, 50 cent)it seems, but i don’t listen “during” i listen to it before i work out and during the warm up to get the juices flowin.

i try to do the same thing for meets to duplicate this same “pysch up state”.


Workout: 50 Cent, Slipknot, Old Metallica, Lox, James Lavelle, Nick Warren.

Post Workout: Global Underground Afterhours, Verve Remixed, Faithless, Beth Orton

motley crue!!! seriously, nothing id rather listen to while doing plyos than kick start my heart or wildside.

other than that, everything from metalica to nsync (but only the song they did with nelly). i cant believe i said that outloud.

basically anything that will drive my wife nuts.


What´s your fav workout music during the Stupede? - oops - Stampede?

There is nothing wrong with admiting to listening to N’SYNC so long as you balance it with some METALLICA.


good question, ive never been a big stampede guy. its always right in the middle of something, when i was a triathlete it was always the same week or a week or 2 before nationals, and now smack in the middle of football season.

im one of these guys that doesnt need a special event to act like the village idiot, new years, birthday, stampede. when i feel like cutting loose, i go, doesnt matter whats going on around me. and during stampede (and new years) people really step their drinking game up a notch and they can be pretty tough to take.

so ive never really experienced stampede in the true sense of the word: ie start drinking at noon at your company’s free bar-b-q lunch, go back to work for an hour, eat steak and tatters for dinner, nap, go to cowboys, drink your face off, walk home cuz you cant find a cab, throw up on your wife’s boots, sleep for a few hours, hit a free pancake breakfast somewhere downtown, work for 2 hours, goto a free bar-b-q lunch and yes…start drinking…for 10 days straight.

Good Call Zoom!!! How bout some Deep Dish?

TO Pioneer:
This has to be a thread for a Saint quote, since he is always downloading the best music to watch Long-D-S movies to. :wink:

Anything thats loud!!!

i personally enjoy listening to sublime, some uplifting reggae style music, and then to get in the tunnel vision, i go for some 2Pac, even though i normally avoid rap at all costs.

Nothing really. But if it is on it needs to have rhythm, soul and a beat.

Eye of the Tiger in the gym.

Whatever is on the radio I take with me to the track.

Raise your hands!:clap:
Shout it out loud!

What I want to say is that the 80’s glam/sleaze/heavy is the most inspiring music while training.

1 on my play list is the original rock n’ roll cliche, Hanoi Rocks:

"I gotta pull myself together
Hey hey hey, hear me say
I gotta drive right into the fire
And I’m burnin’, burnin’, burnin’
I’m motorvatin’ "


Nice 1 Wullie :smiley:
Highway to hell is ideal

For those interested, the Beastie Boys have released their take on the Iraq conflict with a great song…and its a free download…I love the beastie’s.

Find it here:




Beasties boys r wicked -
Pauls Boutique is a classic album
Is that track on the link gonna b released ?
Anyone that has giant lobstermen in their vid’s gets my vote lol

In the gym, its gotta be hard and heavy like the weights I (intend) on moving :baddevil:: Mostly Pantera, some old Metallica, some Motorhead, some choice inspirational songs like “Eye of the Tiger” and “Welcome to the Jungle” and a touch of rap like P.O.D’s rock remix of Nappy Root’s “Aww Naw” and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.