fatloss and speed

i have lost weight and although my performance is the same, i feel weird as if my machanics of running is different or abit off, is it trying to get used to running at a lighter body, or is my performance affected from my diet? For whatever reason i feel as though im running slower.

How much weight have you lost? Have you been weighing regularly?

Unless you lost a LOT of weight, they shouldn’t be different.

i think lost weight for a lot of time or whit a high calorie deficit affect the performance. bioquimically it can be due to a lot of factors.

try to follow a manteinance diet to allow you recover your performance but not regain weight

i think i might have lost 8-10 lbs give or take. imo I look like i lost 8 lbs max.

You haven’t even weighed yourself?

no i have not.

That’s amazing

I have posted these questions on an earlier thread but no one helpped me with any. I guess thats may be because it was an old thread or something. So I wish someone helps out now. Well… Here are the questions copy and paste…
Only one addition. I did injure my hamstring already now.!!

Just another question on measuring fat %…

  1. of all the methods of measuring fat % which is the best??
  2. What is the difference between all the different methods. I mean +/- how much (percentage wise?)
  3. How much can a drop in fat% affect times. I have went down from 21 to 14 and in that time I wasn’t even training. When I came back on the track I was consistantly running a couple of tenth less than what I was running on 21… But after a couple of more month of intense training my body weight shot up a full 10kg and my weights in the gym boosted big time. But even though I was spending a total of 4-6 hours a day in the gym and track, My fat % went back to 21 %!!! But this time the times stayed fast. Not just that but with slight improvements and some personal bests.Now the question is. If I drop to 10-14% back again will I gain another extra 2 tenth??(or may be just one since its much harder in the current range)
  4. How can I drop such an amount?? Remember I am training about 4-6 hours a day already. I DO eat enought to maintain minimum required nutrients. And I don’t want to loose this much of strength that I have built and still going on with building.
  5. I don’t look obeese at all. I went to the doctor of my Gym and I told him to measure my body fat and he told me it was 21.1%. Exactly the same as what I measured at home with my device. I did 21.2 on my home device. When I went to the coach he told me that I don’t look fat at all and that I shouldn’t be concerned!! My six packs show fully and my muscles are defined?? So could fat be intermuscle fat?? Is there such a thing??
  6. One thing more I want to talk about. I feel more and more easy to be injured while being heavy like this. My knees, quads and hamstrings get strained so easily and my calf get stiff faster and faster? But still I am making improvements. So does fat% increase or decrease the probabilty of injury in any way??

And thanks in advnace for any reply

the best way to measure bodyfat is through dexa or hydrostatic weight thing where they put you underwater or something of this nature. Dexa i think is the most accurate and it involves laser running through your body like an x-ray.

The worst is a tanita scale as it has a large margin of error and it is way off depending on your hydration of water

Your times improving is the exact same thing that is happening to me, i get slow losing weight and when i get fat again i become faster and stronger then before. I’m trying to figure it out cause davan says it isn’t supposed to work like this and proceeds to gives me pain to lose it, i will see what i can make of it.

Flying duck you will have better chance of figuring out yoru weight issues if you go to www.bodyrecomposition.com this is where i read up and learn about dieting information, i also post there along with davan giving me pain. Mr duck dont take anything personal in that forum alot of cynical and ego-hungry-attitude posting members over there, they may give you a hard time sometimes.

i dont know about being fatter affecting injury my guess would be so to an extent but i think there are many other things to consider.

yes i know

What is the point of dieting for performance if you do not even monitor weight?

And if you think you run better fat, then fatten up. Simple as that.

heheheheh, like i said 8-10lbs max, i dont look like i reached 157 lbs, last time i weighed myself i was 161. Might be 160-159

I didn’t say that. I said that after training restarted I was getting stronger and faster. But at the same time my fat% was increasing. I was getting faster because I restarted training not because I was getting fatter!! Getting fatter was something happening that I don’t understand. How come with all the training I do and the lean look I have?

I wasn’t talking to you/

21% is a high BF level. you’re sure the mesurement is correct (if you can see your ABs…).
i think the problem isn’t the fat, but the response to starvation (or calorie deficit).
so, pratically, at your BF level the body is in feed state and have explosiveness and strenght, in the starving state you can’t have strenght and explosiveness.
try ot find the better for your perfomance.

but in general I think the more time you stay in a definit wheight, the better the body react to this weight.
try to eat enought carb, that have a better leptin response
and do a dexa.

Senri, I would not focus on scale weight loss as there are many factors that go in to losing scale weight one being dehydration. Do not worry about scale weight at all, it really does not mean anything, unless you compete in a weight catagory sport. We place too much emphasis on scale weight loss when what we are trying to do is lose bodyfat, and gain lean muscle.

I recommend you have your bodyfat measured once a week: Ideally you want someone trained to use skin calipers to measure improvement, but a simple way to do it is to just use measuring tape and measure you chest, abdominals at your belly button and just below measuring the largest circumference around, your hips( to include butt), and your thighs. Record these measurements and check your progress. Try to measure yourself on Monday that way you know on thee weekend that you have this time and it might stop your temptation to go off the plan. Using a mirror or having somemone take photos of you also works to check your progress.

Yes there are more advanced ways to measure your bodyfat, but unless you are near a university that tests for free is it really worth the time and effort. We should focus on improving performance and understand that your body composition should improve if you are doing everything right. I remember a number a years ago I had a goal of getting down to a certain body weight for competition, what I found out was that my goal weight was too light as I got there by losing lean muscle and therefore had a decrease in performance. I have found I perform optimally at 7 lbs over the weight I was originally trying to achieve. Bottom line everyone is biochemically individual and what works for one does not work for the other.

Post a photo and we can provide feedback on your bodyfat level. Charlie

i know for sure i’m losing fat, as i can see a six pack now, everything in the fatloss is going as planned. Its just my body feels different when running, i’m assuming it has to readjust to performing with lighter weight?

What you’re saying makes a lot of sense here… I haven’t thought of it this way… Yesterday my fat % has stayed at exactly 21.0 % while my bodyweight dropped to 81.5kg. I was 84.3 a week ago. This means that I have lost straight muscle mass. There is absolutly no other interpretation!! But yesterday I was bench pressing 115kg for easy 6 reps for the first time ever. Which makes absolutly no sense to. Let me put it this way. I have had this weight problem ever since I started weighing my self. Sometimes I think there is no solution. But I don’t believe in this. I believe that there is a reason and logical explaination for everything. And what I see doesn’t make any sense. I have the 60m trials coming up on the 14th of Feb… I know I can win. I feel so confident about it, and I know that I will be selected to go to Valencia. I did it before. My only problem is that I believe I can go way ahead if I can drop as much poundes as possible till the day of worlds. People say that you will loose strength when you loose so much weight in such a short time. I see that I am gaining strength and gaining body fat% and lossing overall body weight. That is the most stupid thing happening around me. It looks like a stupid story that if I heard from anyone else I would laugh at. But its just a fact and I’m looking for explaination…!!

huh, its ok then… Cause I thought you were talking to me!

until you don’t put your body in “feed” state , you’ll go “slower”. I don’t think is a problem of readjust to light weight, because light weight itself is a good thing, but Starving state make your body “slower”.
i think that when you start to eat almost a isocalorically diet, your performance improve.