FatboyJim's PR Journal

I’ve promised myself (again) I am going to train properly from now on. Put this journal up to give me more of an incentive to keep going. It’s quite hard training by myself.

So, my basic training template is:
Week1: Monday, Tuesday: 5(sets)x3(reps)x75% Thursday, Friday 4x5x70%
Week2: Monday, Tuesday: 5x3x80% Thursday, Friday 4x5x75%
Week3: as week 1
Week4: as week 2

Exercises: Monday & Thursday; Power Snatch, (Full) Back Squat, Bench Press, Dumbbell Row
Tuesday & Friday; Power Jerk, Power Clean, (Full) Front Squat, Standing Military Press, Lat Pulldown.

Must start to include pool/cycling as recovery.

My aims: Long Term: To sprint again.
Short-Medium Term:
1:To rehab injury (seems to be piriformis syndrome) by increasing hamstring/glute flexibility.
2: To reduce body fat to 10%ish.
3: To become beastly strong

At 177cm&111kg I am over 35BMI at the moment, and over 40% Bodyfat, but I can lose weight again with motivation. This is another reason for this journal.

I will post Max lifts each month and as I test them. I plan to test them once a month, but if I notice the weights getting much easier, I test again sooner. I can e-mail a training journal (ms word) on request.

Supplementation: 200mg caffeine each morning, 3 g fish oil, 2g creatine each day, 40g extra protein per day (at night).

All weights in kg

No training since Aug04.

Jan 26th first session. Weight 108.5kg
Max (Full) Squat: 140
Max Bench: 100

Jan 30th Weight 109kg
Max Military Press: 65
Max Chin ups: 1 whole chin up!

Feb 14th: Weight 111kg
Max Squat: 160

dude with that body weight you can fly waaay up with your lifts (esp olympic lifts), then maintain that strength and lose the fat, you’ll become a running freak!

id also drop the creatine as it doesnt help one lose fat, and look more into vitamins. you can try l-carnitine as well, its a natural amino acid that helps metabolise stored fats. (charlies recommended it)

That’s definitely the plan, get strong get lean get fast. thanks for the supp tip i may try that (I’ll do a search as well) as well as hydroxycitricacid fat metaboliser.

Feb 17th Weight 112kg!
Max Bench: 110

Started ZMA Feb 19th.

Hopefully Squat will go up if body weight is lost as I would have less fat to squat up in addition to barbell… will see

Feb 25th
Changed Friday’s exercises to Power Clean 4x2 and Deadlift 5x3

Max Deadlift: 200.

New aim: compete in British unequipped powerlifting and bench press champs next year (if I can lose enough weight to be in the 90kg category). Qualifying total 540 for PL and 125 for Bench. Should have those numbers soon. Just have to lose the damn weight :mad:. Hope to qualify on 2nd October at regional unequipped champs.

Feb 28th: Weight 114kg :frowning:

Max Bench: 115
Max Squat: 180

March 7th

Max Squat: 190

Testing squat once a week now, want to get used to handling limit weights while it’s still going up.

This week Monday and Thursday sets replaced by approx 10 singles at 90% with 60secs rest, and 5 doubles @ 85% with 60 secs rest respectively.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) will help you to lose body fat pretty well too. As this is an essential fatty acid, you have to find it in other food sources, but it’s fairly easy to get hold of in capsule form.

Since you’re based in the UK, try here

March 12th

Injury!! I tweaked my back on Saturday doing deadlifts - 2 sets of 5 @ 75%, first set of 3rd set it went. My back is slightly rounded even at 70%, I thought this was alright, but apparently it’s not. Hamstrings/Piriformis extra tight.

I don’t expect it to take more than 2 weeks to recover from, the same thing happened last March and I was front squatting within 4 days. It might be a little bit worse this time :frowning: .

Anyway I was looking at the weightlifting schedule for my area and there is a competition on the 31st July nearby, I hope to compete there, probably just doing power snatch/power clean and jerk. Hope to be around 90k/110k respectively.


what source of Fish Oil do you use??

were you not running 10.5 not so long ago? what happended since aug 04 - injuries?

good luck with it all!

Hi, I use Holland and Barrett concentrated fish oil, at least 3 a day, and I was closer to 12.5 than 10.5 :stuck_out_tongue: maybe another Jim? I was throwing the Shot around 10.5 meters before, maybe that was it?

I really just lost motivation in September, I had a knee operation in October (screws out of knee) so I thought why bother? Still I should have done upper body lifting, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in the gym at all for a couple of months after the op. I recovered much quicker than I expected, but still no motivation.

The upcoming weightlifting and powerlifting competitions this year give me so much more motivation to go to the gym now, I haven’t missed a gym session since starting again, and I don’t think I will again now.

March 14th

Max Bench: 122.5

127.5 was close… next time. Failed 117.5 last monday, maybe last week’s work was the key?

March 21st: Weight 114

Max Squat: Missed 200 but close - was stuck at sticking point for about 3 seconds. Will try 205 next week.

New Schedule - it seems the higher intensity is paying off better, so I’m going to push it up a bit to see what happens. Plus change of exercises to address back.

Basic training template is:
Week1: Monday, 6x2r@85% Tuesday 5x3r@80% Thursday 10x1r@90% Friday 4x5r@75%
Week2: Monday 6x2r@80% Tuesday 5x3r@75% Thursday 10x1r@85%, Friday 4x5r@70%
Week3 Impact: Monday 10x1r@90% Tuesday 5x3r@80% Thursday 5x1r@95% Friday 4x5r@75%
Week4 Deload: Monday 5x3r@75% Tuesday 5x3r@75% Thursday 4x5r@70% Friday 4x5r@70%
Repeat. Calculator now stays in my gym bag :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from OLs - 6x2r@high as poss with good form, and light technical work on OH squat and Snatch drop.

Exercises: Monday & Thursday; Power Snatch, Back Squat, Bench Press, Dumbbell Row
Tuesday & Friday; Power Jerk, Power Clean, Standing Military Press, Lat Pulldown *, Pullthroughs (3x10-12)

All workouts Plank x 2 for time, with 90 secs between sets, Plus Bench/Flye depletion on Friday (Bench 50% for reps)

  • Tuesday 3rd exercise choose from: Snatch Pull, Clean Pull, Speed Deadlift, Snatch Grip DL
    Friday 3rd exercise choose from: Rom DL, Raised DL, Box Squat, Good morning (arched), Rack Pull, Isometric Pull.

Hopefully worth the effort putting all that together :slight_smile:

March 25th.

Snatch: 75K, just missed 80 in front
Power Clean: 105K

Squat: missed 200K

Had a funny week this week, only 2 training sessions Monday and Friday due to blistered feet from work. Shouldn’t have maxed out on squat after maxing out on snatch and p.clean but I’d love to get that 200. I’ll leave it for now.

The cleans were stressful on the elbows - I need to work on the rack position, so I’m going to change from back to front squats for a few weeks. Also going to focus on the jerk and use the split jerk from now on. Tuesday & Friday’s choice will be Snatch Grip DL to hopefully improve pulling power & OLs. I will be maxing out on the OLs regularly over the next couple of weeks.

My first Track&Field meet will be on May 7th where I will be doing Shot and Discus.

somthing’s wrong with the snatch. I mean you should have a better snatch compared to the clean you did after ( where you were probably no as fresh as you started with the snatches ) May be its something to do with technique. Do you know that prefecting technique could make you add a lot more weight at your pressent status.

The snatch was a full snatch as well, not power! I think the main issue is lack of RFD or power. Look at my max DL/Squat compared to those lifts as well. I can’t tell you about the technique really because I am self-taught so far.

Sometimes doing the lifts with little weight and more reps (may be just in the warm up ) will get a lot of technical things fixed on their own. But take care. I’m not saying that it’ll fix everything a 100%.

Thanks flying duck I will try getting a lot of reps in medium intensity for technique.

March 28th

Front Squat: 145
Bench: 125
Power Snatch: 75
Snatch: 77.5
Power Clean & Jerk: 100

Missed 80kg snatch 3 times, was high enough but too far forward.
Missed 105kg Power Clean in front

March 29th: Weight 115

Snatch Grip DL: 150
Pulldown: 100

Changed my mind about maxing out on OLs as my technique is not good enough yet.

April 4th: Weight 116.5! :eek: Different scales

Front Squat: 150.
Awful attempt at 155, wasn’t going to do it but another guy said I could. :rolleyes:

Feeling tired this evening, may be time to back off, may have to take this cybernetic periodization seriously. Planned easier week this week, which is a relief.