I know the fastest 100 was Obadele Thompson 9.69 heavily wind aided. anyone know what the wind was.

and the fastest 4x100 split i can recall was Carl Lewis 8.9. cant remember the details. anyone want to enlighten us with some fast 100’s?

Anyone who wants to re-live the amazing performances of Bullet Bob, as well as the rest of the 64 Olympics(in color) should buy this movie!

After much researching here is my list which I promised the forums a while ago.
The Fastest legs of a Men’s 4x100m relay:
1st leg:Mike MARSH(USA) 10.00s, Barcelona OG 1992.
2nd leg:Bernard WILLIAMS
3rd leg:Jean-Charles TROUBAL(FRA) 9.12s,
Tokyo WCh 1991.
4th leg:Robert Lee ‘Bob’ HAYES(USA) 8.6ht Tokyo OG 1964.

The Fastest legs of a Women’s 4x100m relay:
1st leg:Silke MOLLER(GDR) 11.2s,
2nd leg:Katrin KRABBE(GDR) 9.70s,
Tokyo WCh '91.
3rd leg:FLO-JO(USA) 9.82s,
Seoul OG 1988.
4th leg:Marion Jones(USA) 9.54s,
Sydney OG 2000.

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Hi !

Today I have found some splits :

4x100-Christie-8.89 (1988), Lewis-8,78 (1987), 8,84 (1984), 8,68 (1992), Sangouma-8,92 (1990)

4x200-Lewis-19,2 (1992), Regis-19,1 (1994)

4x400-Johnson-42.98 (1995), Watts-43,2 (1992), James-43,9 (1968 on dirty track!)

That splits are amazing !

Where did you get thsoe Splits from???
Christie’s Official Split from Seoul OG '88 was 8.98s, the splits for Lewis are 8.86s in Roma WCh '87,8.94s LA OG '84, 8.85s in Barcelona OG '92. And Sangouma only ever ran third leg for the French team. His best Splits were posted by Pierrejean(Great work!!!) 9.12s in Tokyo WCh '91 which is the World Best for a Men’s Third leg 4x100m relay Split and 9.20s in the Split '90 European Champiosnhips.

4x200m Splits are correct. 19.2s for Lewis in Walnut I believe, and 19.1s for John Regis in Walnut 1994. But in the ATFS 2002 annual in the Michael Johnson career section it lists him as having a 18.5s best for a 200m anchor leg.But Pierrejean is skeptical about that Split.
And therefore he disregards it.

Michael Johnson’s best anchor leg for the Men’s 4x400m relay is 42.94s, which to this date is the only sub-43.00s 400m time be it a relay leg or an individual race .
Quincy Watts was credited with a 43.00s second leg for the Men’s 4x400m relay.
This is the second fatest ever leg behind MJ’s 42.94s in Stuttgart WCh '93.

And I believe X King’s list is going to be great.
I await his compilations with great patience.

Wind was +5.7 i just checked. heres a link if anyone is interested.

I think Andre Cason has the fastest ever 4 x 100m relay leg running the back stretch in the 1993 World Champs. Can anyone remember what his time was?

At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Bob Hayes ran the anchor split in an unbelievable time. The slowest time anyone had on him was 8.7s, the fastest being 8.4s! And this was on a dirt track and done at the young age of 21yrs old!

as far as i know CL has the fastest from the final in 92

More recent splits have been timed electronically for a full 100m- not from the stick, but there is NO DOUBT that Hayes’ anchor leg in 64 was the best ever. Can anyone post a vid-clip on this incredible run?


Do you have that clip? (64 OLY Relay).

I would love to see that one.

it would be great to see the clip of hayes but for me i thought CL’s anchor run in the 92 final was awesome.he flew past the little cuban and continued to pull away from the likes of christie and to top it all of it was a WR run

No, vid clip, but I have pics! I am certain that I have the most extensive collection of track pictures in the entire world!:smiley:

I have found a videoclip of both Hayes anchor leg and some of his NFL footage aswell. It’s pretty cool check it out:

Originally posted by X King
I have found a videoclip of both Hayes anchor leg and some of his NFL footage aswell. It’s pretty cool check it out:

That was absolutely the most incredible run I’ve ever seen!!:mrt::o:clap:

I am currently working on a list of the Fastest Times for each leg of a Men’s 4x100m and also Women’s 4x100m.When I have finished, I shall e-mail my lists to the Forums A.S.A.P

What did I tell you! Now THAT was the best anchor of all time- full stop!

MY GOODNESS… that man was fast. He just ran through than away from everyone… WOW

was he fast OR was it just that the opposition were slow??

No one was that slow as this was the Olympic final! You’re looking at a difference of over eight meters over men who were running 10.2 on slow dirt tracks.

Can someone post a vid-clip of Lewis in 1992?