faster the athlete.....

“dont walk when you can take the train,
dont drive when you can passenger,
dont stand when you can sit and
dont sit when you can lay down.”

herb this is my creed when it comes to nonetraining activity. yes there are always exceptions, but i hate to waste energy i dont need to.

another thing ive noticed, is that the fastest guys ive ever known are ALWAYS the slowest guys ive ever known. to explain, my little brother, who in his day was very very fast, took so much time to do everything!!! wash his hair, clean his room, make dinner anything!!! the only time i ever saw or heard of him do anything quick, was on the track or on the field.

the faster the athlete, the slower the person.

this was ment as a reply to this thread…oppps

I can attest to the energy demands of coaching all day. It’s amazing how one’s job effects the individual’s “energy envelope”. The mental energy that is expended from coaching, teaching, etc all day is very powerful as I’m sure many on the board can attest to.

Help me Power Drive.

I have to disaggree with ou nightmare, I find that if i take this approach to life my training suffers greatly. I think that a variety of things are needed for life, it’s easy to overspecialise. By all means do things in moderation, no one can expect to go for a 10km walk or perform a 3 hour exam and then train well, but on the flip side doing nothing is just as counter productive …

I agree Dazed

An Australian Football Coach as part of his coaching he made all his players either study or work (part time).

My understanding was to give the players a back up after football and to stop them thinking of the sport 24/7.

I have found that when I’m doing other things (proviso that I’m not going 100% all the time) it has helpped me feel better and train better.

on sundays, my day off, i dont even get dressed. i lay on the couch all day in my flannel pants and a hoody, watch football (NFL), snooze and carb up on oatmeal. i know, it may not work for everyone, but it works for me during the offseason.

and keep in mind, todays high in calgary, alberta canada -25!!! thats the high boys, that means if we are lucky, it will get to -25! during the season (may-oct) i dont have a total day of rest with 3 games a week and training plus full time job, so when the oppurtunity comes up to lounge, im all over it.

Good point DMA.
Thinking about your sport constantly is just as draining as the physical effort. CNS drainage. Think about the stress of thinking about a bad practice and the cortisol response. Not good. :o

A true story about somebody looking for a sprinter at home. He knew the name of the street but didn’t have a house number. After some thought he decided to try the house with the scruffiest garden. BINGO!

Cripes - If scruffy gardens are the criteria I must be the fastest man alive :smiley: -
Even our cat gets lost in ours and I regularly see the speartips of the Fukarwee tribe as they wander around lost .

“the faster the athlete, the slower the person.”

If the converse of that is true, look for me on top of the podium at state this year. :smiley: Actually I end up working so hard during the week (practice in the morning, work at night) that when sunday rolls around it is tough to get me off the couch. i’m w/ nightmare on this one. and, it also gets pretty cold here during the winter, like a tree dumped powder down my jacket snowboarding, and when i took my jacket off to brush it off at the base of the lift, i was steaming so much that no one could see me.

i read an interesting article claiming that being on your feet after workout (aka walking around[especially in nature], or working) COULD be the best thing for recovery after intense workouts… the article claimed that walking stimulates whole body blood circulation without straining the body/heart…

so if you workout in the morning and have a afternoon/evening part time job where you are on your feet, you are actually accelerating recovery and making money

i was thinking to do it this way:

Monday: intense training + 4 hours work
Tuesday: tempo+ 4- 8 hours of work OR just work for 8- 12 hours (without tempo!)
Wednesday: intense training + 4 hours work
Thursday: OFF + 8- 12 hours work
Friday: intense training + 4 hours work
Saturday: tempo+ 4- 8 hours of work OR just work for 8- 12 hours (without tempo!)

What do you folks think?

I was wondering if being on feet alone on easy(tempo days) days can replace tempo for recovery purposes …basically can I just work and not do tempo and still recover like with tempo training?

What do you mean by doing other things? Some examples please

Do you have a link to the article ?