Facing heavily tight competition tomorrow in the 100

any tips? heats and finals, will be tight on both, top 4 make it to the provincial championship meet

LOL, do what you always do!

lol… its just im really nervous because the times the guys are running are super close so that equals a very close race. and one guy has suddenly shaved like 4-5 tenths off his time in the 100… just makes me really nervous.

Why? Run your race and don’t worry about the people around ya. If anything this should make you run faster. I run my best in big meets!

The worst thing I can do before a race is worry about others… just put your mind on your own race 100% and relax. It’s hard to relax if you’re worried about someone else.

“Get out in front. Stay out in front. Don’t get tired.” Claude Saunders

Do your normal warmup and run like you have been running in practices. As soon as you try to do something “special” for a big meet, you might as well pack up and go home. Trust your preparation, relax, and run your race.

Best advice given by one of my good friends:
“Don’t suck.”

Do you guys think not having done squats or any lower body lifting except some cleans is going to have any effect? 14 days since last squat session. 4 days ago I was feeling very sharp, 3 days after a qualifying meet.

I have had guys PR in the 100 3-4 weeks after the last squat session (in a heavily squat oriented program).