eye twitching

I have had a hard week of training mostly volume for cycling. My eye started to twitch today and I remember that it meant something but I forget what and the search turned up nothing. Can someone remind me of what this is a symptom of?

It can mean that your CNS is fatigued and you are starting to burn out. If that is the case, 10 days of light tempo should do the trick to get you to recover. Or, it could be that you drink too much coffee.

I developed this about 6 months ago also.

An optician told me it was as a symptom as a result of buildup of stress from my (then) work.

When I quit the job the twitch almost completely dissapeared.

I have only had it affect me about twice since I finished

I have no other definiete explanantion - but Herbs sounds good too.

I don’t drink coffee but today I had power drive for the first time in about a year today before my workout. Could thatbe it (the power drive)?

Doubtful - possible but doubtful

I’m not a medical doctor or such but I very much doubt it

I was just watching the Pink Panther and Chief Inspecteur Dreyfus developed quite a twitch at the hands of Clouseau.

Oh the wonders of L-Tyrosine!! The Power Drive wasn’t the problem, but the extra volume of work and the higher intensity of work that is possible with some L-Tyrosine in you can put a person over the edge. Tyrosine if not used properly can cause an athletes not used to it, to easliy overtrain. One session is all it takes sometimes. I personally don’t use Tyrosine until I have trained consistently for quite a while, and then when I do I make sure my post workout protocols are strictly adhered to (nutrition and rest specifically) for the first 2 weeks of use.