Explosive training

I am coaching a top female high school sprinter. In the past, she played volleyballl in the fall and in the spring. While running track in the spring, therefore, she was jumping and bounding much more than a typical sprinter; however, she was running less then a typvical sprinter. In additon, she is very explosive.

Therefore, should I maintain a 2 to 3 days of jumping and less running or should I go toa more traditional prgoram of max velocity, special, speed endurance and maybe one day of bounding.

Any suggestions would be great!

You probably won’t see too much improvement in the jumping but it won’t do you any good to ignore her strengths either. I’d focus on a traditional sprint program and see if you can apply all that power to the track. Is she a one event sprinter?

She runs the 100 and 200 outdoor which is our main focus; in addition, she was a freshman last year.

She ran a 7.2 in 55 (she only ran the 55 twice) and 12.5 in the 100 and 25.5 in the 200 (all FAT). She was sick for the championship cycle; therefore, we believe she could have ran faster last year.

With those times in mind, does one believe that due to spending half of her time with volleyball (jumping) and half with running (track) did she not reach her potential in the longer sprint events such as the 100 and 200

I coached a middle hitter several years ago that was a state elite hurdler and thrower. She had the greatest success when we abandoned jumps altogether, save hurdling, and focused entirely on alactic sessions for the high intensity work.

She did volleyball practically all year during her scholastic seasons. Back then the protocol was short-to-long, with extensive tempo serving for low intensity sessions. Her best season went:

GPP: H-L-H-L-H (weekend VB & recovery)
SPP: H-L-H-H-L (weekend VB & recovery)

In addition, on throwing days, we used that to setup her 2x4x40 and 3x2-4-6H work from blocks. Her throwing technique was very explosive and transferred well to the blocks. Perhaps more female sprinters can benefit from direct multi-throws!

She did not play volleyball in the fall and is not playing in the spring. Therefore, the concern is that she was so explosive while playing so much volleyball - could she lose that exploiveness? She has maintained at least one day of jumping so far.


With her 7.2 time, it shows she did not sprint enough therefore, her 100 and 200 times did not improve accordingly.


so if you dont want that quality to be gone, then why not keep it going ALONG with the sprinting. So you can have your sprints session, followed by strengthening through plyometrics, i think its recommended arounds 50-60 contacts per session, and you can have two of those sessions in your week, but remember sprinting always comes first, then the strengthening. goodluck