explosive plyos and CNS fatigue

When should explosive plyos be added to your GPP training? Can it be added on days opposite of your speed work or will that accumulate to much CNS fatigue.

Do them on the same days as your speed work if there are that explosive. Lower intensity general strength med ball work can be done on tempo days.

I´m doing Start/Blocks works ( on fridays ) before Plyo´s at saturdays ( my last day of train - weekly), because i don´t feel tired day after starts.
Now, taking advantage of this thread,
How can i know if a Session of Plyo´s is “stressing sufficiently” CNS and if the benefits are positive or negative ( “malefits” ).

Last session of Plyo´s was performed as below:

  • 5 sets of 12 Followed Jump Stadium Seats ( each jump aprox.16"=40cm ) 90s. RI Between sets.
  • 5 sets of 6 Followed Jump Stadium Double Seats ( each jump aprox.32"=80cm )
    90s. RI Between sets.
  • 2 sets of 6 Followed Hop Jumps ( seeking max height and lenght ) 120s RI Between sets.
  • 2 Sets of 6 Followed Single Hop Jumps 120s RI Between sets.
    Then exercises from "Plyometrics Fase 2 and 3 of GPP", enphasis on Flat and Down Jumps as below:
  • 4 Sets of 5 “Jump Circuits” ( Down 16" + UpDown 24" + UpDown 24" + Updown 32" ) as follow:
    I jump to the ground ( track surface ) from a 16" Box, then i jump over 2 followed hurdles of 24" each, then i jump over a 32" box.
    RI between “Jump Circuits” walking from end to start circuit ( about 15s ) and 120s RI between Sets.

Very good day for plyometrics. I guess I’m gonna put it in there too. But then I’ve heard a lot of people say that plyometric won’t be that good anyway no mattar what exercises you do. I don’t know about that. I don’t listen until I’m convinced. About the stress it places on CNS. I’d really like to know about that just like you.