Explosive Lifting for Sports - DVD

Has anyone here seen this DVD from Human Kinetics?


I’ve seen it and read the book. The book is a solid read, and the DVD is consistent with the technique discussed in the book. It is important to understand the different techniques out there. I learned American-style technique and am now learning Russian technique. Both are effective in their own ways and you will find variations with technique depending on the coach. It’s important to get plenty of hands-on work with a coach or training group because watching those videos without someone analyzing your technique could be a formula for disaster. Overall, it’s a good analysis of the lifts. Also check out Arthur Dreschler’s ‘Weightlifting Encyclopedia’ and watching Ironmind videos is a good way to pick up on technique variation.


Also I recently got both books from Mark Rippetoe and think they are an excellent read.

Yes Ironmind videos also have some good stuff.

This is an amazing display of strength


who is this guy?

I have that DVD. It’s from the 1993 ‘Heavy Metal in Melbourne’ DVD. I can find out if you are really interested (it basically means me getting off my butt and popping the DVD in)?

Hey I would not want to trouble you. I was just curious seeing an athletic looking guy who weighs 99 kgs deep squatting 295 kgs with good technique. That too without a belt and wraps!


Check this over head squat competition video from crossfit.com and see this guy being whipped by a lady with better technique !

That was excellent.

She’s solid, much deeper reps!

By the way his name is Francis Tournefier. The book and the video you are talking about are very good but russian and bulgarian simply know more about that sport that do the americans that’s why they dominated them because of great coaching and reaserch.


2007 Pan Am winner, Joel MacKenzie (of Cuba!) in 105+

then again, s**t happens. Dominican Rep’s Juan Jimenez loses it in the 94kg at 2007 PanAms

ouch kitkat - i know that feeling!

cept mine was with 1 less wheel a side and on a clean :frowning:
i thought i was goosed